Sox VQ – Who needs to run when you have cinderblocks!

AO: Grinding to the 80s

When: 09/06/2018

QIC: Sox

PAX (): Spandex, Scar, Tebow, Brownie, Puddle Jumper, Manchester DeathCon2, Laces, Moonshine, Swagger, Viking, Sox

The Game Plan

It was fun running through the ideas of what exercises to put together for the AlphaPak Gladiator at East Roswell Park. Creating names for weird movements, finding ways to make sure there is minimal running (first VQ to do so?) and make sure we get a good sweat on.

Strolling in around 5:10am, 5 minutes prior to start time, seeing those beautiful cinderblocks to remind me that I am not running today (yippee) and maybe having everyone wonder what the heck is Sox going to do with these for his VQ.  However, I was worried we were not going to have enough cinderblocks as I saw Spandex all set, but Scar was nowhere to be seen, which is not the norm.  As Scar was driving up in Puddle Jumper fashion talking about his poor dog who was vomiting (I hope he feels better) gets us the additional cinderblocks needed so everyone can enjoy the fun!  Spandex was very excited to get 3 or 4 miles in this morning and I was very excited to disappoint him!


Remembering what words to use before starting, sounding like a rookie (I am), counting incorrectly, nor in cadence and assuming that everyone knows exactly what movements to do for each exercise and reassuring everyone that I am NOT A PROFESSIONAL!  This is going to be awesome.

The Warmup

No Mosey – staying right near the cars:

Peter Parker web sling (5 each side in cadence) – on all fours right foot come up to your right hand which is out in front of your head.  After your hand arrives near your foot, then raise that hand to the sky like you are shooting your web in the air. Do the same on the other side.

Schwarzenegger In Mud (20 seconds each side)- I used the name for the 1987 movie “Running Man” before he was the Govenator. Set in a position ready to run, left foot front move your arms very fast like you are sprinting with your core tight. Switch feet position and run through again. This is from Egoscue Method which is a postural therapy.

Hillbilly – In cadence 10 times per side.

Weed Picker – 11 times in cadence.



Everyone found a partner and did the following:

Merkin with Cinderblock – 10 one side, one hand on the cinderblock and one hand on the ground. 4 times each arm partners switch when each set of merkins are done.

Squat with Cinderblock – squat while holding the cinderblock. Total 8 sets

– Quick recover so I could catch my breath and instruct everyone what is coming next

Swings with Cinderblock 12 times partners switch when swings are completed.  4 sets each

Alternating Shoulder Taps – In a plank hands on the ground tap your shoulder with the opposite hand while the other hand stays steady on the ground, then switch. Do as many as you can until swinging partner is complete (no pun intended).

– Quick recover so I could catch my breath again and instruct everyone what is coming next

– Walking Lunges 10 out and 10 back 4 sets each and partners switch when lunges are complete

– Shoulder Press with cinderblock

– Quick recover so I could catch my breath again and warn everyone what is coming next

– Bear Crawl 12 yards and back (24 yards total) 4 sets.  Partners switch when Bear returns.

– Squat to a curl with cinderblock.

– Quick recover so I could catch my breath again and instruct and warn everyone what is coming next

– Man Maker 8 reps with the cinderblock doing 4 sets. Partners switch when Man Maker is complete.

– Suzanne Somers with cinderblock on stomach/hips. On your back with knees bent and feet on the ground.  Thrust the pelvis up with the cinderblock weighted on your hips or stomach. The young guys probably don’t even know who Suzanne Somers is and they certainly never saw her workouts (1982 I think) or Threes Company (1980) for that matter.

COT Announcements:

  • DeathCon2 is going to a men’s retreat this weekend.  Sending him prayers for strength and clarity.

COT Prayer:

  • Started with a brief breathing meditation to clear the mind and finish with a fresh start
  • Beauty’s continued recovery – we hope to see him back on Tuesday
  • We gave thanks to God for all that we have, all the things that we often take for granted like breathing, loving, walking, seeing, hearing, and so many things. We asked for strength to be good community members, friends and family members.

Thanks everyone for working with me through Sox’s VQ! It was an honor, pleasure and relief to become more a part of the great Gladiator Pax.

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