Launch Day Leftovers

AO: The Rubicon

When: 09/04/2018

QIC: Cookie

PAX (): The Ocho, Krueger, Pit Stop, Special K, Waders, Trebek, Cookie

7 PAX posted at the Rubicon on a day where we saw 2 new Alpha launches nearby and the dissipation of the Wreck crew.  This left us with unproblematic numbers for the 1st time in over a month, which is a great motivator to help us EH more sadclowns.  Addition by Subtraction is a beautiful thing.  After a quick disclaimer, mosey toward the big American flag for SSH, Imperial Walker and Windmill.  Short mosey to the planters  for 2 rounds of dips and step ups.  Mosey back to the trail around the baseball field on the Old Milton side of Wills Park.

-3 man relay teams – A runs, B does 10 merkins while C is holding legs and doing 10 squats, then catch A who is planking.  When caught, A does merkins, B holds, C Runs.  Then C does merkins, A holds and B Runs
-2 full laps, plank for the six
-mosey to the big hill next to the Field of Dreams
-Hill of Dreams 11’s
-burpees at bottom and 4 count American Hammers at top, OYO
-mosey to the Rock pile – grab a coupon
-overhead press
-skull crushers
-overhead squats (courtesy of Krueger)
-head back to the flag for 5 minutes of Mary – Freddie Mercury, J Lo, Dying Cockroach and more

Welcome The Ocho, a new Alpharetta transplant from the Charlotte Metro area.  Prayers and praise for him as he and his wife are expecting their first child in February.  Respect for Trebek and Waders for being consistent RNG’s the last 2+ weeks.   TCLAPS to Rubicon faithful Krueger, Pit Stop and Special K.  As always, YHC is honored to lead!

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