Labor Day Recovery

AO: The Wreck

When: 09/03/2018


PAX (): Squeegee, Kegger, Viking, Haggis, Swamp Donkey, Thumper, Doogie, Rusty, Zima, Grease Monkey, Tebow, Goat, AFLAC

With a final, brutal IronPAX in the books and a holiday Q looming on the horizon, YHC was all about a bankers hours start to lead a moderate Labor Day “recovery” BD to work out a few kinks.  At least that was the plan until Goat decided to push a few buttons and it was clear that a few of our Gladiator brothers were coming for a visit.  As they say, with expectations comes great responsibility.


As the clock drew near, PAX started rolling in with decent numbers considering it was a holiday posting.  YHC called for a base-camp warm-up to accommodate the late arrivals with the following:

  • 15 SSHs
  • 10 Abe Vigodas
  • 15 Hillbillys
  • 15 Mountain Climbers

With that, it was time to stretch the legs with an extended mosey past the tennis courts and up the 1st hill.  After a quick set of burpees to gather the six, continue mosey along the trail adjacent to Crabapple Middle with some Merkins to keep PAX together.  Final mosey down to the football field where we’d get down to business.

The Thang:

To get the blood pumping, partner up for a round of catch me if you can.  Partner A runs backwards while Partner B does 5 burpees, then runs ahead to catch Partner A.  Switch roles and repeat until 2 full laps around the field are in the books.  Air chair for the six once complete.

Next up, same theme but with a different set of exercises.  YHC honestly wasn’t sure how this would work out, but you never know until you try.  Partner A crab-walks backwards while Partner B does 5 BBS’s, then bear-crawls ahead to catch Partner A.  Switch and repeat until completing half the football field.  At the mere mention of Bears/Crabs, Grease Monkey was more excited than Bo Duke getting ready to jump over Dry Creek and his performance matched his enthusiasm practically carrying Luke Rusty to the finish.  This one took substantially longer than the traditional version, with early finishes demonstrating solid F3 form by heading back to pick up the remaining PAX.

With plenty of time left on the clock, it was time to smoke-test another new exercise that from this point forward will be known as Lieutenant Bonnies.  The simple recipe doesn’t do the work justice:  a 1-to-4 ratio of 4-count Bonnie Blairs to Squats for 10 rounds.  That means 10 4-count Bonnie Blairs (40 in total) at the end.  YHC will admit to having second thoughts around the 5th set, but knew he’d never heard the end of it if he didn’t lead PAX to the bitter end.  Beyond round 5, mumble-chatter was more than abundant.  The real measure of this one will be the ability to elevate above the porcelain the day after.

With 7 minutes to go, lead PAX on a slow recovery mosey around the field before heading back to the flag.  YHC directed Thumper to take the scenic route home while he gathered the six.  After a few rounds of Mary culminating with American Hammers, time was called.


  • New AO launches at RHS and North Park tomorrow (9/4).  Let’s post and support.
  • 3rd F events on Tuesday mornings at Starbucks/Mansell (0615) and Thursday mornings at Crazy Love Coffee (0630).

AFLAC out.



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