Sideways Bear Crawl Medley

AO: The Wreck

When: 08/31/2018

QIC: Circus

PAX (): Haggis, I-Beam, Sprocket, Hosen, Swamp Donkey, Rusty, Foley, Divot, Switch, Goat, Smackdown, Grasshopper, and Rooney

With much excitement about tomorrow’s imminent final Iron PAX challenge, your YHC prepared a low mosey and moderate beat down for today. 14 PAX showed up and we’re off!

Warm Up

Mosey to Roswell Gymnastic parking lot and circled up for a dozen reps of the following exercises:

Side Straddle Hops
Toy Soldiers
Weed Pickers
Slow Sumo Squats
Slow Merkins
Butterflies Stretch

The PAX and YHC are warmed up!

The Thang

Mosey towards the stadium across from the multi-purpose fields for a set of 24 box jumps from various positions – 6 left sided, 6 right sided, 6 forward and 6 backward.

Plank for the 6, then mosey on to the turf field and partnered up for a Sideways Bear Crawl Medley. Starting at the goal line, both partners crawl sideways while facing each other for 25 yards before doing each of these exercises:

Partner Merkins
Partner Sit-Ups
Side-Straddle Hops

Rinse and repeat in the reverse order after we get to the other side of the field.

M for six

Mosey back towards the stadium for a set of 40 Step-Ups from various positions – 10 left sided, 10 right sided, 10 forward and 10 backward.

Mosey back on the turf field again for a COP. Starting with YHC and rotating counter-clockwise, each PAX member called out one specific exercise for the rest of the PAX to perform while he runs backwards one time around the circle. After each member had taken a turn at calling the exercises, YHC ended the COP with a set of Burpees.

With time running short, we slow moseyed back to the flag. M for 6.


Final Iron PAX Challenge tomorrow (09/01/18) at 0700 at Riverside Park

New RHS Coupon AO ready to launch next Tue (09/04/18)

Helping hands are needed for some home repair work for Chelsea – look to Slack for date and time.

Prayers for Sellout’s continued recovery and Swamp Donkey’s friend who’s battling cancer

Six PAX met Thumper at CLC for coffee/beverages afterwards

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