Baseball and (More) Cowbell at The H0.0ch

AO: The Hooch

When: 08/31/2018

QIC: Feathers

PAX (): Boomer, Jimbo, Scrooge, Saint20, ReadyMix, Simba, Feathers

7 PAX braved The Hooch this morning for a game-themed 0.0 with a classic rock soundtrack.

After a short warm-up of SSHs, Hillbillies, and Arm circles, we emerged from the dugout and took our positions on the modified diamond for a gentlemanly game of baseball, F3 style.

The Thang

Field setup: Cones demarking bases: Homeplate in a mulch area facing a steep set of stairs topped by a level concrete landing; 1st at foot of stairway; 2nd atop the stairs; 3rd at the opposite foot of stairs. Pax split into three teams – two pairs and one triple. Each team takes a base and play commences as DLR-era Van Halen performs DOA.

Play the game:  Each team executes a team goal of reps equal to 30 times the number of PAX (a team of two performs 60 shared reps),  then advances to the next base via the defined mode of transportation, scoring 1 run each time they pass home plate.

  • Home plate = Merkins, MoT = Lunge walk.
  • 1st = Squats, MoT =  Bear crawl up stairs.
  • 2nd = Burpees, MoT = Crawl Bears down steps.
  • 3rd = LBCs, MoT = Lunge Walk.  Rinse & Repeat to run up the score.

At 25 minutes, Blue Oyster Cult was all Don’t Fear the Reaper, while the PAX were pleading to give them more cowbell, but please no more baseball.

After a brief recovery, we raised the stakes with Asia’s Heat of the Moment and a spirited 6 minutes of Rochamburpees:  Pair up, assume a plank position, and shoot Rochambeau (Rock, Paper, Scissors, for those who don’t speak French).  Winner does a Merkin, loser a Burpee.  Reps ascend by one after each hand, until time is up.

Leaving the games behind, but continuing with the classic  rock,  the PAX circled up for a Baba O’Riley – Continuous Imperial Walkers to the beat of the WHO classic, the pace increasing to a furious crescendo at a perfect 5 minute conclusion.

With 4 minutes to spare, we called on Mary to bring the beatdown home, while KISS reminded us to Lick It Up.

Other Soundtrack Entries:

More Van Halen (Hagar this time), Deep Purple, Manfred Mann, Georgia Satellites, more KISS

Praise this day for expanding families (Shh, it’s a secret) and the joy of watching our kids grow in their confidence and abilities.
Have a fun and safe Labor Day (or Memorial Day, whichever it is).

– Feathers

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