IronPAX Week 3

AO: The Wreck

When: 08/25/2018

QIC: SmackDown

PAX (): Aflac, Jackalope, Sprocket, Switch, TP, Grasshopper, Divot, Doogie, Raider, Virginia Slim, Swamp Donkey, Rusty, Thumper, Squeegee, Circus

325… I know it wasn’t the highest score recorded at the Wreck for Week 3 of the IronPAX Challenge, but it was recorded. So were the results of 15 other HIM’s who braved the gloom for a Friday morning beat down.

Warm Up
12 Toy Soldiers IC
12 Cotton Pickers IC
12 Merkins IC
12 LBC’s IC

Garb a cinder block and mosey over to the gridiron.

The Thang
IronPAX Challenge Week Three: AMRAP in 30 Minutes
15 Burpee Block Jump Overs (BJO)
50 Hand Release Merkins
Broad Jump to the 10-yard line and back

14 Burpee BJO
50 Goble Squats (with coupon)
Broad Jump to the 10-yard line and back

13 Burpee BJO
50 Leg Raises (with coupon extended at top of chest press)
Broad Jump to the 10-yard line and back

Continue burpee ladder down to 1, alternating Merkins, Squats & Leg Raises as time allows. PAX score is based on cumulative number of reps completed.

Mosey back to the flag.

Prayers for those in need both spoken and not.

Thanks for coming out everyone, always a pleasure to serve.


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