Improvise 4 corners, a stone wall and a full moon

AO: The Gladiator

When: 08/28/2018

QIC: Scar

PAX (): Spandex, Brownie, Delicious, Tebow, Moonshine, DC2, Wingman, Viking, Sox, Scar, Postal, Puddle Jumper.

Week 4 of #Ironpax was here for the Gladiator but with all the mumble chatter and logistics that it was throwing up we decided to forego it today and get a vote from all Pax on how they wanted to complete the challenge over the next few days.

So I decided to go back to basics, no coupons or cinders would be needed. There would just be some repeating exercises and some good old sweating.

The Warmup

We moseyed around the parking lot to pick up some latecomers and Puddle Jumper who came in on two wheels again and 5:16. Circled up for some SSH, Windmills and Mountain climbers. YHC then announced we would mosey to the other turf field, hallowed ground as we had never had a beat-down on it yet.

The Thang

Partner up. Partner 1 would take part in the 4 corners that was laid on on a peewee size soccer field.

Jog the length between reps and bear crawl the width – complete 10 of each rep.



3-Bonnie Blairs


Partner 2 on the low stone wall would do 10 of each

1-Box Jumps


3-Step Ups


Rinse and repeat and then take a lap around soccer field. Come back and repeat again with 15 reps on the 4 corners now. By now the grunting was quieting the mumble chatter so I thought it best to make both groups do 15 of each and then rinse and repeat again. Well this produced the desired effect of a full moon sheen of sweat on each of the Gladiator men. A quick Indian run around the field to calm us all down before a quick recover.

To my amazement we had 11 minutes left and what way to end off but 11’s up an incline. Short mosey to hill behind parking lot. Derkins at the bottom and Bonnie Blairs at the top. This was well received as you can imagine. With 30 seconds to go we moseyed back to the flag and called it a day.


With 2 VQ’s done at the Gladiator this month and Viking taking another on Thursday I wanted to demonstrate to all our PAX how a simple few exercises can be strung together to get a good beat-down in. Prayers for Beauty who is still recovering. Prayers for guidance in our lives.


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