Punch 8/22 in the face by punching 822 in the face

AO: The wreck

When: 08/22/2018

QIC: Rooney

PAX (): Aflac, sprocket, doogie Polaroid, Foley, hagas, crab legs, jackalope, Ariel, patch, raider, slim, divot, Zima, grease monkey, Double d, blue, swamp donkey, circus, sparky, squeegie,

It was a beautiful Wednesday morning and it looked like a strong group of guys were ready to get to work at 5:29, so we did a first-ever walk mosey to start. It was only about 10 yards in an effort to have grace for the less punctual … this way the latecomers would still see where we were. Feeling like a famous person under the bright light, I wanted to recruit some of the right muscles before we got started on the thang.
Warm up: Planks with leg lifts: 25 double count with front planks bent elbow, side planks with leg lift 15 each side, front plank with straight elbow 20 double count. Then the real mosey began to the football field.
The thang: punching 822 reps in the face or being punched in the face by 822 reps as it was difficult and not everyone finished.
Between each exercise, alternate lunge or bear crawl or bear leaps on the end line, run backwards the sideline, sprint the diagonal to do the next exercise in the sweat corner.
Exercises included:
100 Partner side ups (lock ankles and sit up to partner low five alternating sides)
100 merkins
100 squats
100 heel raises (50 on each side)
100 American hammer
100 arm circles
100 monkey humpers
100 side straddle hops
22 burpees

equaling 822 reps

YHC wanted to try to stay close to the lead so that I could tell the exercises and prevent everyone from having to remember everything from the beginning… Aflac made it extremely difficult which has caused an extended number of days of soreness for me at least.
For the ones that did finish, they were introduced to a new one I made up this week called swimming jacks! It may just resurface again soon. There were also probably some flutters and then we hightailed it to have the sixth make it back by 616
sorry for the delay in post: it has been a crazy few days, which has also prevented me from remembering the details of what was discussed to conclude Wednesday…. Check the second and third f platforms to stay up on communication about the fellowship and faith side of things. I am so grateful for this brotherhood.
Hated to miss Friday but was out of town. See you Monday!

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