Memories of dorm rooms and Napster

AO: The Firehouse

When: 08/23/2018

QIC: Snowden

PAX (): Picker, Fudd, IKEA, Lego, Skynyrd, Clyde, Reuben, Dash, Snowden

Blessed to lead a VQ of 8 other HIMs on a beautiful day. YHC was very anxious last night leading to early arrival at the Firehouse. I had a great time planning the Q. Memories of dorm rooms and Napster flowed. Grateful to see Clyde’s ride make the trip north to the Promised Land of North FoCo. Also, thanks to Dash, Reuben, and Zoo brethren for guidance on the Q. Time was of the essence so mosey it is.

Mosey to Stonehenge with butt-kickers and high knees on the way.
•Windmills, SSH, Sun Gods

Thang 1 – Concert at Stonehenge
Circle around Stonehenge. Start the geek juke box:
•Give Me Shelter, The Rolling Stones – Lt. Dans around the circle for duration of song (Shout out to Forrest Gump for the inspiration to the whole beatdown) (4:30)
•Brass Monkey, Beastie Boys– 10 Howling Monkey Humpers one person at a time going around the circle, Gorilla Humpers for round 2 (2:30)
•One Way or the Other (gonna git cha. Get it?), Blondie– Dash’s Catch me if you can – Planks while we sprint like idiots to catch other person (3:31)
•The Distance, Cake – Bear Crawls around the circle with some Duck walks mixed in (3:03)
•Fell in Love with a Girl, White Stripes- American Hammers for duration (1:55)
•Black Betty, Ram Jam- Chinooks, Sun gods, Imperial Walkers, Copper head squats, reverse it (2:24)
•X Girl Friend, Bush- Burpees for duration (45 second song)
•Song 2, Blur- LBCs for duration (2:02)
•Fuel, Metallica- Indian run back to Pavilion of Pain

Thang 2 – Workout to the oldies, kinda..
At the most humid place on Earth we begin.
•Roxanne, The Police- Hold plank, Merkin on “Roxanne”, Plank Jack on “red light”
•Da Dip, Freak Nasty- Table dips. Every time “dip”, well you dip, I dip, we dip. Had to cut short to get to highlight of the day
•Flowers (Sally), Moby- 6’s on the table. Leg raises on “up”, all the way to the ground on “down”

Mary around Flag
Beautiful Day, U2 (cause it is)- Freddie Mercurys, JLos, Squats
Out of time, circle up
Informed of 2nd F at Alpharetta Downtown tonight. Shirts available for BigCreek AO. Get your orders in. (with M’s approval of course)
Finished with Prayer of thanks for amazing group of men that we get to be a part of.
As always, thanks to Dash for Coffeteria.
YHC hopes all enjoyed. No reason a beatdown can’t be fun.
Snowden logging off….as far as you know

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