Built Mopar Tough

AO: The Rubicon

When: 08/23/2018

QIC: Bronco

PAX (): FNG (Trebek), Moonshine, Lumberg, Jackalope, Swingline, Zohan, Boknows, Updyke, Special K, Tommy Boy, Miller Time, Nacho Libre, Zima, Swag, Grease Monkey, Frog

After a slight Strep throat setback, YHC was ready for his turn at the Wreckicon.  After some chatter about customized Ford shirts I immediately regretted having sleeves but none-the-less we were off:


  • Mosey around the outside of the park to the side parking lot on Wills where we did the following:
  • SSH x 20
  • Hillbillies x20
  • Mtn Climbers x20

The Thang

We took the fun to the Wall after that where my sleeve-covered shoulders were in for more than I had planned:

  • All Pax in Donkey Kick position – we start with 10 DK’s then the outside 2 Pax sprint to the bridge for 1 burpee.  All other Pax hold position on the wall.  We kept going until all Pax had done their burpee.  Moaning was certainly heard towards the end.

Mosey to the Field of Dreams for some F3 Basebal

Divide into 4 different groups and all start on separate bases.  Each base had to be touched twice with the following occurring at each:

  • 1st Base – Diamonds x 120
  • 2nd Base – Merkins x 120
  • 3rd Base – Werkins x 120
  • Home Plate – Squats x 120

We finally ended with all Pax lining up on 1st base towards outfield where we did Captain Thor Sprints:

  • 1 Big boy then 4 American Hammers – Sprint to right field
  • 2 Big boys then 8 AH’s – Sprint to Center
  • 3/12 and so on until we get to 10/40 sprinting all around the field

We bring it back to the flag for some Mary and all were toast.


  • Praying for the guys in PR and mad props to what they’re doing
  • 2nd F reminder

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