Sleeper is Down for the Count

AO: Shadow

When: 08/23/2018

QIC: Sleeper/GreenBean

PAX (): GreenBean, Fireballs, Sleeper (injury), Stripper, Chain Gang, Switch, Billboard, Manhole, Madoff

YHC took the Q for 8.5 brave lads in the gloom this AM. I pulled a Sleeper, careening in 1 minute late. Wait, actually Stripper (follow along Fireballs- Stripper, not Sleeper) pulled a real Sleeper, driving in 2-3 minutes late.

Sleeper was the original Q.

There was not much of a warm up. 2nd excercise was LBC’s.

We may have done something else, then moseyed up to the front drive by the picnic tables. Sleeper called for 5 burpees at 1st sign, 10 merkins, 15 squats, then a few other things. Confusion followed. We all agreed to start and during the 1st set of burpees, POP! Sleeper pulls his medial gastrocnemius. He was down for the count. We all stopped in our tracks and came back to help him (in F3, we leave no man behind!). Well, ahh, some of us, well, kind of were concerned. He was standing, so we really weren’t sure. YHC offered to take over and proceed as follows:

The rest of The Thang:
15 Squats at next sign (heading toward school entrance)
another excercise? can’t remember.
Then head down to pit of misery: grab a rock.
15 curls IC
Friend your neighbor.
15 Overhead presses IC
enough of that.
Follow me with rock.
Up to Seles Platform of Pain for:
Mason Twist with Rock x 15 IC
LBC’s x 15 IC
Wall sits 30 sec?
follow me with rock up steps to upper lot back down and around again.
*We noticed some water jugs along the way, which YHC later learned were coupons Sleeper had previously placed!
Friend your neighbor.
Back down to pit of misery to return rocks.

Mosey back to front of school, circle up for:
SSH IC x 15
Low slow squats IC x 15
Partner up for:
run around school. When you meet your partner, down for 10 high five merkins. Rinse and repeat.

Mosey to picnic tables for 11’s: Dips/Derkins
Cliff hanger merkins on the tables IC x 10 (these were tough after the derkins- we heard ya Fireballs!)

Mosey to original parking lot facing fields: line up for
Lunge walks IC x 10
Burpee walks OYO x 10

Line up facing other direction.
mary first?
for: 5’s merkins/LBC’s going all the way across to far sidewalk. Solid work Chain Gang!

Circle up (or if you are Manhole, you can modify by laying flat on your back and staring at the stars) for:
Mason Twist x 30
High Dolly’s x 30
something else?

Fireballs took us out. Don’t worry Sleeper. We prayed for all of “Strippers issues”.

Seriously, we all hope you recover soon. We’ve missed you (and Montross!).. and Leon 🙂


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