A little IronPax Relief Compliments of Tebow

When: 8/23/2018


Where: The Gladiator


The PAX:

Spandex, Laces, Kegger, Scar, Wingman, Viking, Defcon 2, Viking, Scar, Delicious, Brownie, Shrinkage, Sox


QIC: Tebow


12 men gathered in the gloom for just my 2nd Q – I guess the first one wasn’t enough to scare anyone off yet. I had a hard time sleeping but when game time came I was ready to go and so were the PAX.  Maybe everyone just wanted to get a taste of the nice weather we had this morning.


The Warmup


A quick mosey to the parking lot and we circled up for some SSH, Imperial Walkers, Weedpickers, and Chinooks.  Despite some awkward counting and some lapses in instructions by the QIC, the PAX figured it all out and we were ready to go.


The Thang


A quick mosey over to the pavilion and we each grabbed a bench and hammered out 50 dips… in retrospect, it may have been better to split these up into a couple of sets.  Either way – we had to get our arms warmed up for what was to come.


We moseyed up the hill and we arrived at the “playground” and lined up for a Morning Call.  We all enjoyed a little mumble chatter and DC2 gave the QIC some nice pointers.  We all lined up in the plank position and each member of the PAX took turns hammering out 5 pull-ups… or some variation thereof.  After each member finished, the PAX performed a merkin.  We followed that by a rinse and repeat, but this time we held an air chair position and would go up after each man completed his 5 pull-ups.  Again, the QIC forgot to call up when it was his turn to do the pull-ups, but that PAX took charge…. Either that or they just wanted to get out of that squat for a couple of seconds.


Then we had a nice easy mosey down to the soccer field for a round of the Field of Dreams. We used the 4 corners of the goal box for our bases.  The first station performed 15 buprpees, and then bear crawled to corner 2. The men at corner 2 had been performing some big boi sit ups and only got to mosey the long side of the box when the first guys finished.  Once the big bois arrived at corner 3, where the men at that station had been getting a long round of merkins in and then got to enjoy a short bear crawl to the 4th station that was air squats. Then the air squatters got to mosey to station 1 and start their burpees.  We did one full circuit and the 6 followed in each station with their bear crawls and moseys to wrap up the exercise.


Since we were all feeling so good, the QIC thought it might be a good idea to challenge the PAX to a mile run for time, 5 laps and one long end of the soccer field later, pretty much the entire PAX made it in under 10 minutes with an incredible finish by Delicious to bring us home while being escorted by a large contingent of the PAX.  We weren’t able to record our times thanks to some intense humidity ruining the board… but who needs to remember the time anyway, we covered the distance.  And a shout out to Kegger and Sox for hammering out what had to be a ridiculous amount of lunges while the rest of the PAX got their mile in. Oh yeah – and a shout out to Laces for being the first man in.


Now that we were all good and gassed, we took a nice mosey back to the flag where Scar led us in some flutter kicks to close us out.




Beauty seems to be on the mend but still has a way to go. We will continue to support his family as much as possible.


There will be a 2nd f and the Alpharetta food trucks this evening in downtown Alpharetta.  The event runs from 5-8


As this was only my 2nd Q, I wanted to make sure to go out of my way to thank the PAX of the Gladiator for following my shenanigans.  Looking forward to an awesome VQ from Viking next week and then we need some guys to step up and Q soon as the Q sheet is looking… sparse.

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