I Love Hand Release Merkins

AO: The Firehouse

When: 08/21/2018

QIC: Fudd

PAX (): IKEA, Picker, Skynyrd, Fudd

No assigned q today so we went as a group into the gloom where the ironpax challenge would handle most of our workload for us.

Mosey to lower parking lot

Cotton pickers
Finale swings

The Thang

Mosey and pick out a coupon

Iron pax challenge…ran out of time on the round where it gets to 9 burpees to start…all pax agreed hand release merkins, especially 50 of them, are hard work.

Deposit coupons and circle up for Mary

Box cutters
Pickle pounders
Ankle reaches
Crunchy frogs
American hammers

Prayers for growth and health of the pax and their families.
Quick pit stop on the way out to talk up F3 to the 2 guys working out by themselves doing some circuit training this morning. Hope to have them join us Thursday.

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