Get your Miley on….

AO: The Wreck

When: 08/20/2018

QIC: Turbine

PAX (): Zima, Switch, Sprocket, FNG - Raider, Jackelope, Ariel, Rooney, Caffeine, Divot, Blue, Sparky, DD, Grease Monkey, Rusty, Bieber, Swamp Donkey, Haggis, Squeegee, Crab Legs, AFLAC, Foley, Nacho, Turbine

YHC was conflicted on what to do for today’s beatdown. On one hand, BRR is around the corner and some North Coleman hills would make for good training. On the other hand, making sure that the 20+ PAX that have been showing at The Wreck could make it around Roswell together safely in the gloom could be tough. When 23 showed up this morning it was an easy decision….the fun would come in the form of dance moves and coupons today.



Circle up at the gazebo for:

  • Side Straddle Hop
  • Cotton Picker
  • Hillbilly


The Thang:

With everyone limbered up, it was time to do some Elevens in the Trees with Twerkins and V-Ups…


What is a Twerkin, you ask? Are we continuing a theme of introducing exercises inspired by DD? You’ll have to ask him to confirm or deny his twerking skills. A twerkin is also known as a dive bomb push up (kind of like a vinyasa – for yoga fans). You start in plank position, push your butt in the air (e.g. downward dog), sweep your head and chest forward and to the ground while keeping legs straight, keep going to raise your head and chest up (e.g. cobra pose) and reverse the path back to the original position.

Elevens in the Trees – Twerkins + V-ups at each light post along the trail to the pond; count down on Twerkins and up on V-ups: 10+1, 9+2,….


We reached the top of the hill by the rec center parking lot and got a bit of Mary in waiting for the Six. Next it was time for a mozy to the coupon pile near the turf fields. The PAX were instructed to get a “lifting” coupon that would challenge them. With coupons, the PAX lined up on the goal line and got instructions for their upper body work for the day.

  • 3 sets of 40 curls with run to the back of the opposite end zone after each set
  • 3 sets of 40 chest press with runs
  • 3 sets of 40 bent over rows with runs

In total 9 sets and almost 2,000 yards of running


Mary ensued as PAX finished up. We folloFollowed by a deposit of coupons in their pile and a mozy back to the flag. A couple of minutes of Mary was needed to finish out time.



New AO’s launching

  • North Park in Alpharetta on Sept 4th – see Nacho Libre for details
  • East Cobb Park on Sept 11 – see Turbine and Chelsea for details


Prayers for Beauty who is trying to fight off an illness


Great things happening at Caney Creek with Cosmic Bandito being baptized this past weekend.

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