Palindrome Fun (8-18-18)

AO: Shadow

When: 08/18/2018

QIC: Seles

PAX (): BiBo, Redbird, Fist Founder, Leon, Fireballs, Sleeper, Seles

As YHC was contemplating the Q for today, the Palindrome date kept rolling around in my head.  The result was a workout celebrating the numbers of today’s date.  Unfortunately, only 7 PAX got out of the fartsack (instead of one more to make it 8) to indulge in the Palindrome Fun!

The Thang

13 Side Straddle Hops, 13 Sumo Squats, 13 Baryshnikovs (ea. leg), 13 Imperial Walkers i.c. Rinse & Repeat

Cherokee Run to Nature Center Stump area.

The normal arrangement of stumps had been moved for some purpose, so Scout had received a request from the nature center for some help restoring them to their rightful place.  In an act of community service, the PAX proceeded with the next exercise which was to put the stumps back where they were supposed to be.  The smaller ones were carried around the fire pit for a little extra work, but most had to be rolled because of their size.  Lots of mumblechatter ensued about Scout making the request and then not posting (some excuse about going to the lake with his son and a promise to do water aerobics there?!)

11″s: Jump Ups and Dips on the newly placed stumps

Mosey to Fireplace for some Mary: 26 LBC, 26 Low Dolly, 26 Low Leg Raise, 26 Box-cutters i.c.

Feature Exercise!  Palindrome Pyramid.  Start with 8-1-8-1-8 in sequence of arm circles, burpee, arm circles, 8-count body-builders, arm circles.  Repeat by adding another 8-1-8-1-8 to the first (e.g. 16-2-16-2-16) then repeat up to 40-5-40-5-40.  Those arm circles do add up!

Climb the Nature Center Hill with lunges.

Mosey to Fire Station parking lot for Mary: 26 LBCs, 26 High Dolly, 26 Heels-to-Heaven, 26 Dying Cockroaches i.c.

Cherokee Run back to start with 5 merkins off the back

Partner up: one wall sits while the other runs to Roberts Drive and back.  Repeat until time is up.

COT (Fist Founder took us out with an inspiring prayer on the basics of the 3rd F!  Need anyone who wants to come to the F2 cookout at 5 pm Labor Day at Seles house to RSVP (yes only!) by email to Seles with number of attendess before next Saturday’s post.  All spouses and children are welcome and come even if you haven’t posted in a while.  Great coffeeteria with wide-ranging topics of interest.

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