This is My Rock! Backblast – 7/26/18 – DHS (Getting this on here for posterity)

AO: Shadow-DHS

When: 07/26/2018

QIC: Chopper (name change alert! - Now Chain Gang)

PAX (): Snake Oil, Cash Box, Fizz, Leon, Madoff, Fireballs, Poison, Fist Founder, Sleeper, Bonus Montross appearance for COT

A substantial crew of nine PAX came out today for a maiden voyage VQ led by Chopper. Welcome back Sleeper, who substantially beat down Chopper when he was FNG.



Mosey around the parking lot

Two rounds of the following IC:

  • Merkins (10)
  • Side-Straddle Hops (20)
  • Monkey Humpers (10)

Thang 1 – Choose Wisely

Mosey to the Rock Garden

Bear Crawl down the steps into the garden, choose your rock wisely

Return to the top, push out 20 Merkins

Mosey with your rock to the track flagpole, all the while considering whether you chose your rock wisely


Thang 2 – Share Your Choice

Circle up at the track flagpole, drop your rock, rotate clockwise, thank your buddy for his choice

Watch Chopper mosey into the track fence full blast, instantly warranting a name change during his VQ

Line up on the track for the following OYO:

  • Run one lap with rock
  • 10 x Burpees
  • 15 x Squat Thrusts
  • 10 x Merkins
  • Rinse and Repeat


Thang 3 – More Sharing

Circle back up at flagpole, set down rock and rotate two spot counter-clockwise, just in case anyone was gaming whose rock they might want

Mosey to back parking lot for a gut-check set of Elevens:

  • Start with burpees (10)
  • Run to opposite end of parking lot
  • Execute  monkey humpers (1)
  • Carry rock on every other iteration

Mosey back to Rock Garden to say goodbye to return our friendly rocks



Many seconds to Fireballs’ motion to rename Chopper on his very own VQ. Chopper is no more….officially Chain Gang.  Many thanks.

Montross appeared from the mist to say hello, participate in COT.

Thanks to Manhole for the VQ insights.

Leon took us out.  Many thanks for F3 brothers, prayers for those not with us.


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