Bears and Blocks

AO: The Wreck

When: 08/15/2018

QIC: Grease Monkey

PAX (): Aflac, Sprocket, TeePee, Caffeine, Foley, GOAT, Jackelope, Zima, Bronco, Divot, Virginia Slim, Double D, Sparky, Polaroid, Crab Legs, Turbine, Circus, Blue, Squeegee, Swamp Donnkey, Haggis, Bieber, I-Beam, Grease Monkey

Lots of talk about cinders making their way up to the #Wreckicon on Thursday, so since they were being loaded up might as well make a stop at the Wreck this morning. But only for a portion of the beatdown. At 0530 we were off mosey…err bear crawling – a whopping 20 feet to the warmup spot. A few quick exercises, including the new crowd fave (DD), and we were off moseying apparently into the darkest spot in the park.

We stopped at our first wall where despite DD’s pleas for some Tysons we did a set of 15 Crab Cakes followed by 15 Hip Slappers. R&R with 10 reps each.

Moseyed to the next wall for 15 Dirty Hookups followed by 15 Chicken Peckers. R&R.

Moseyed over to the picnic shelter and broke up into three groups. Group 1 performed Derkins, Group 2 Abyss Merkins, Group 3 Dips. 15 count in cadence; rotate through so all groups do each exercise.

From there moseyed back toward the football field with a quick stop at Slim’s ride to grab some coupons. From the goal line we did some Bears and Blocks – in bear crawl position with cinders between our feet, reach back and pull the cinder forward past your body. Bear crawl up and repeat until we reached the 50 yard line.

From there it was Bearpee time. 4:1 ratio (bear crawl steps to burpees) to 75 yd line. 4:2 ratio to goal line. 4:3 ratio back to 75. 4:4 back to 50. This sucked.

From there we grabbed our coupons and circled up for some Blocktanomo. PAX extends coupons out in front of body (yeah right) while one PAX drops the coupon and runs the interior of the circle pushing down on all the blocks. Time dint permit us to make it all the way around so we headed back to the flag. I believe one round of Mary was happening while waiting for the 6.

A few announcements made, none of which I can recall at this point. People are running Saturday night I believe. Others are drinking.



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