Mini-Murph Plus

AO: The Wreck

When: 08/13/2018


PAX (): Double D, Thumper, Mad Dog, Foley, Switch, Goat, Sparky, Sprocket, Bronco, Zima, Jackelope, Squeegee, Divot, Rusty, Grease Monkey, Turbine, Swamp Donkey, Crab Legs, Rooney, Hattrick, Blue, Virginia Slim, Cornhole, Circus, Hosen, Bieber, AFLAC

When 26 PAX decide to show up in the gloom on a Monday morning, there’s a certain pressure on the Q to deliver a crisp and decisive BD to get the week started off right.  As YHC was leaving the house this morning at 0510 with only a few scattered ideas in mind, pressure was on.  Would this be a good day to bring back the Board of Pain, head off-campus to Knoll Woods, or were we overdue for a traditional Murph?  With 5 minutes to go and PAX arriving in big numbers, plans were made.


Mosey along the trail past the tennis courts and up the hill toward the gymnastics center and back down toward the football field parking lot (about 1/2 mile).  Circle up for the following:

  • 10 Abe Vigoda’s
  • 10 Hillbilly’s
  • 5 Double-D’s (arms crossed at chest and knees slightly bent while talking sh*t with your neighbor).  Flap-jack.

Once completed, direct non-mosey’ers to lunge-walk across the large parking lot and conduct Mary while waiting for YHC to lead remaining PAX on a longer mosey around the back 40.

The Thang:

After the moseying PAX gathered their non-mosey brethren, head to the playground for a tweak on our traditional Murph, with 5 rounds of the following:

  • 5 Burpees
  • 10 Pull-ups
  • 20 Derkins

Alternating air-chair and plank for the six.  Once completed, head to Malbec Mtn for 5 rounds of the following:

  • Bottom – 7 Burpees
  • Run to top – 7 Stone Mountains
  • Continue up to gymnastics lot – 7 Burpees
  • Run back down to top of hill – 7 Stone Mountains

One advantage of running Q is that you can audible when certain PAX start breathing down your neck (Crab Legs).  After 5 rounds and time running short, YHC decided it was time to save himself from embarrassment and make the call to recover with some lunge-walking while waiting on the remaining PAX.

With the six in, direct all non-mosey’ers to take a direct line back to flag while YHC led the remaining PAX on a quick scenic route home.  Slim somehow made it back to the flag unnoticed, but rumors abound that he was close to calling the dinosaurs on the way home.

As has been the tradition of YHC’s recent Q’s, no time for Mary.


  • Best wishes to Sell-out for a speedy recovery.
  • Prayers for guidance to Mad Dog as he pursues new employment.
  • Prayers for Mad Dog’s neighbor as she battles cancer.
  • New East Cobb AO coming soon (details TBA).

AFLAC out.

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