Zohan’s Birthday Q

When: 08/11/2018

Where: The Widow Maker

The Pax: Cookie, Lowes, Top Hat, HaHa, Catfish, Socks, Pellets, DeVito, Mayhem, Miller Time, Zohan

QIC: Zohan

Mosey, with some side shuffle and high knees.
Weed Picker X10
Imperial Walker X10
Plankjacks X15

Secondary Warmup:
1 minute quick step-ups on a curb (AMRAP) followed by 3 burpees OYO

2 coupons per person, one for each hand
The soccer field near us doesn’t appreciate grown men working out with rocks on the turf (for some inconceivable reason) so we moseyed down to King’s field under the Widow Maker.
Fun fact – King’s Field was where I did my first BB ever.
Another Fun Fact – Running for a few min with rocks in both hands is a treat by itself!

Down in King’s Field we gathered for Suicide Sets
First set: Russian Twist, American Hammers and SSH (yes, with coupons in each hand for a nice tingly feeling in your arms)
5 of each on the spot, run half the field and back, do 10 of each, run the whole field and back, do 20 of each. Plank for the 6.
Second set: Overhead lunges, V-ups and Copper Head Squats.
As before – 5, 10 and 20.
For the third set we moseyed closer to the Widow Maker. I decided that we can all need some rest, so the third set was done in people’s chair position against a wall.
The third set included: Curls, Wings and Wonder Bra.
5 of each on the spot, halfway up the Widow Maker and back, 10 of each, all the way up the Widow Maker and back, 20 of each.

Time was running out, so up the Widow Maker we went, with the coupons, to bring them back. Had only a couple of minutes left for a quick Mary

LBCs X30
The Dully X10

Thanks to F3, I feel better at 40 than I ever felt. Yes, it is often painful, but it’s worth it!

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