I need a redbull

AO: Big Creek

When: 08/07/2018

QIC: Clyde

PAX (): Swiper, Snake, Bagger, Badger, Olaf, Dumpster, McDuff, Bartman, Clyde

YHC  offered to Q last week before I was aware of the Iron PAX challenge.  When word came down that I would be spoon-fed an entire beat down with no prep needed, I felt a little bit like a cheater, but was going to roll with it ……. just this once.  Then the actual Beatdown  was released by our brothers at f3greenwood.com and a little bit of concern began to creep in.  The beatdown itself looked fairly tough on paper, but very doable.  My only concern was the 20 Bonnie Blair on the list I had no clue how to do, it was the fear of the unknown, but after out gracious Nantan posted a demonstration on the Big creek water cooler of a blonde girl hopping up and down like like it was as simple as a side straddle hop.  I instantly felt much better, and off to the Gloom I went.

The Thang:

Mosey to the Sundail for warm-ups:

12 X SSH
10 X Abe Vagota
10 X Good mornings

Mosey on to the track were we went for the Iron PAX challenge

50 X Air Squats
40 X Big Boi Situps
30 X Merkins
20 X Bonnie Blairs It was at this point I realized there was no hot Blonde Girls around to demonstrate…….
10 X Burpees

400 meter run

Rinse and Repeat X 4

This one cut it close and as the six finished up it was time to head to the flag.


  •  Not much to report today, YHC was pretty out of breath still at this point, and even still a little drained as I type this in the late afternoon.
  • Prayers for the unspoken request.
  • Feel free to post your times at:  https://f3greenwood.com/





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