Out with the Girlfriends

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 08/04/2018

QIC: Devito

PAX (): Cookie, Mayhem, Gingivitis, Miller Time, Pellets, Bleach (FNG), Zohan, Locksmith, Ha-ha, Lowes, Top Hat, Saint2O, Upset (FNG), Devito

Our Widowmaker morning started off well with 8 PAX posting for Alpha Ruck. Big numbers for the pre-workout gathering. We kept a good pace with lots of chatter.  2 FNGs (Bleach and Upset) added to our ranks for the beatdown portion of the day. At YHC’s request, Ha-ha was there with his truck load of girlfriends (tire tube sand bags) for us.  We all selected our favorite girlfriend and headed out for a mosey to the top side of the parking lot for warm-ups.  We dropped the girlfriends for IC SSH, windmills, hill billies and merkins.  Warmed up, we grabbed the bags and headed to the soccer field.

All lined up on the goal line for burpee suicides.  5-to-1 ratio of burpees to goal line exercises.  Burpees at both penalty box lines, midfield and the far goal line.  For the returns to the starting goal line, exercises were curls for the 1st return, skull crushers for the 2nd, standing rows for the 3rd and shoulder presses for the 4th.  Round 1 we started with 10 burpees at each line with 50 reps (or to muscle failure) on each goal line return.  The leaders pulled back for MARY for the 6.  Round 2 was 5 burpees at each line with 25 reps (or to muscle failure) on each goal line return, and MARY for the 6.  This was a smoker, so we moved on before our FNG’s decided F3 wasn’t for them.

With girlfriends hanging like monkeys on our backs, we exited the field up the stairs to the path near the bathroom buildling.  Here we dropped for a few minutes of MARY (and a sip of water).  From there, it was over the the baseball fields.  The intention was to do 11’s around the outfield, but the gates were locked (how rude!!), so the 11’s happened up and down the pathway between the fields.  Girlfriend squats on one end and bag swings at the other.  We were nearing the end of time at this point, so we headed back to the flag and dropped off girlfriends, then back up to the upper lot.  All circled up in plank for a ring of fire, 10 merkins each, around the loop twice.  We wrapped up time with round robin MARY around the circle.


  • Hearty welcome to FNG’s Bleach and Upset.  It’s great to have some new faces out a Widowmaker.  Next time, maybe we’ll introduce them to the namesake.
  • Great to see numbers up the last couple weeks at this AO.
  • Ford Mafia crew was out in full with new duds.

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