Back to school? It’s easy as 1-2-3 (with sandbags)!

When: 06 Aug. 2018

Where: The Wreck

PAX: Divot, Blue, Sparky, Squeegee, Crablegs, Cornhole, Thumper, Natureboy, Brisket, AFLAC, Greasemonkey, Turbine, Jackalope, Switch, Bronco, Haggis, GOAT, Windex, Hattrick, Sellout (WD), Rusty, Pegs (WB), 7up

QIC: Sprocket

With school beginning this week in Fulton County, YHC thought it would be good to get the week started with a beatdown involving some simple arithmetic and, of course, coupons.  With the assistance of Ha-ha’s sand babies, I figured the boys at the Wreck would appreciate a break from all the sprints we endured recently, so, 0530 came around and the PAX sent off at an easy pace after 2 man teams were formed.  After arriving at the football field parking lot, YHC got the party started with…

Warm Up

  • SSH’s x25
  • Cotton pickers x14
  • Mountain climbers x15
  • Imperial Walkers x12

Thang 1

Picked up the sand babies and headed for the bleachers facing the Wreck’s homefield.  With all PAX finding a place along the low wall, YHC reviewed the easiest multiplication table.  “PAX, what’s 12 x 12?”

The PAX answered with 12 counts of each of the following (OYO):

* Box Jumps on low wall
* Merkins
* Squats
* Groiners
* One leg lunges (part 1: left leg; part 2 (a min. or two later: right leg) all with rear leg on table
* Werkins
* Sumo Squats
* Burpees
* Derkins
* Prisoner Squats
Satisfied with how handily the PAX handled some multiplication work, YHC lead everyone to the goal line where all teams readied themselves for some easy counting…Dora style!
Thang 2
Dora 1-2-3 with backpacks, ehr, sand bags that is
*100 Merkins
*200 Squat thrusters
*300 bent rows
While one man performed the exercise, his teammate ran back and forth to the fifty yard line.
Much to AFLAC and G-Monkey’s dismay, YHC called an audible on the squat thrusters exercise from 200 to 150 rep’s.  Some kind-sounding words of protest may have been uttered by the winning team, but, at times, YHC’s hearing aid is negatively affected by the copious amounts of caustic fluid emanating from his head.  However, showing great concern and camaraderie for the PAX, said winning team began Mary in the end-zone after completing ALL their reps while the remaining teams took their own rep counts to completion.
Mary was dealer’s choice, and, most likely included the “dying cockroach” as well as some other favorites.  A final “bows ‘n toes” plank was called for, but, alas, we didn’t have the time to find out who amongst the PAX had the fortitude to break George Hood’s 18 hour, 10 minute, 10 second plank record.  Maybe next time?
All PAX not having the privilege of carrying a sand baby to the grid iron where  asked to return the favor of carrying it back to the flag so that his teammate could run backwards simultaneously.  No injuries were reported, though, there may have been a close call or two with light posts and the like.
Arrived at flag with 0615 showing on YHC’s phone.  From the mumble chatter, it seems that all PAX were glad to have started the first day of school extra early.
Prayers requested from all with school age children for a safe start to the school year.
I’ve said before, and, I’ll say it again, “Life moves pretty fast…if I didn’t have the stubbornest, most encouraging, hardest-working guys this side of Roswell to join at 0-dark thirty on a hot, summer morning…I’d be a much weaker man”  Always an honor, gentlemen!
~Sprocket out

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