And the Beat(down) Goes On

AO: Shadow

When: 08/04/2018

QIC: Seles

PAX (): BiBo, Manhole, Leon, Fireballs, Scout, Stripper, Sleeper, Seles

After a brief hiatus to go run some track, Seles was back for some good, old-fashioned F3 beatdown, and the eight hearty souls who posted really appreciated it!

The Thang

12 Imperial Walkers, 12 Baryshnikovs (ea. leg), 12 Peter Parkers, 30 sec. Plank, 12 Floyd Mayweathers, 12 Sumo Squats, 12 Side Straddle Hops i.c. Rinse & Repeat

Mosey to Nature Center stumps for 11’s: Step-Ups and Dips

Move to fire platform for 4 minutes of Mary:  8 ex. 30 sec. each. Box-cutters, LBC, ABC, Low Dolly, Low Flutter, Low Leg Raise, Mason Twist and High Dolly

Mosey to bottom of Nature Center Hill for the Grateful Dead.

Mosey to middle of Tennis Court Hill for 4 minutes of Mary: 8 ex. 30 sec. each. Heels-to-Heaven, L over R, R over L, Dying Cockroach, High Flutter, High Leg Raise, Freddie Mercury, LBC.

Lunge Walk to top of the hill, mosey back to middle.

Bear Crawl/Crab Walk to top of the hill, mosey back to middle.

Broad Jump to the top of the hill

Cherokee Run back to start and the Platform of Pain with 5 merkins off the back

15 hand release merkins followed by 15 side straddle hops (to exhaustion or 4X)

Call your own poison (Mary): 15 Low Flutter, 15 Obliques (L over R and R over L), 15 ABC.

COT (Leon took us out.  Planning a 2nd F function – a cookout at Seles house on Labor Day – Monday, September 3rd, 5 pm.  Need to determine interest so please reply to backblast email if you want to attend.  M’s and 2.0’s welcome.  I’d like to get an idea of how many are coming then send out an email with requests for food items.  Please come even if you haven’t posted in a while, you’re still welcome!  Leon gave an early hint of another mountain house F2 event somewhere in the November time frame)

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