The Four Horsemen

AO: Candy Creek

When: 08/01/2018

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (): Nacho Libre, HaHa, Pothole, and Zohan.

EH’d by TO YHC grabbed the Q at the Candy Creek.  As I pulled up with a treat of rain the parking lot looked empty.  Old faithful HaHa was getting out of his truck and Zohan was already stretching.  Shortly after that Pothole pulls in and it looks like a party of 4.

The warmup – Calf raises on the steps, single hops up the steps, double hops up the steps.  Imperial Walkers, Squats, and Merkins to round out the warmup.

The Thang:  At the track, we started BOMBS.  B=10 Burpees and then take a lap.  O=20 overhead press.  M=30 Merkins. B=40 Boxcutters. S=50 squats.  As we finished up Zohan said that he wanted some more.  So…we started on one side of the track and did one burpee.  As we got halfway around we did 2 burpees, 3 burpees at the beginning, 4 burpees halfway around…all the way up to 10.  The pax finished with a few minutes left so we tried for a lazy dora.  100 Squats while partner is in air chair, 200 merkins while partner planks, 300 LBC’s while partner holds 6 inches.

COT-Prayers for the kids starting school, Ihop, and the pax at NLB.

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