Exercise Dice BB

AO: Big Creek

When: 08/02/2018

QIC: Olaf

PAX (): Clyde, The Body, Swiper, Dumpster, Bartman, McDuff, The Gap, FNG Badger

Warm Up:

The gloom was true to its reputation on this muggy wet morning. So, we moseyed to the roundabout near the big pavilion for warmups. Dumpster stepped up to the plate for Q School and took over. We’ll have him Q’ing by the end of the month.

The actual warmup went like this: SSH x15, Weed Pickers x12, Windmills x10

The Thang:

Next, we moseyed to the big pavilion for shelter from the rain, but not the pain. I busted out the exercise dice for a full body workout. The dice were rolled for 30 minutes.

We had 2 dice. One listed the reps/time and the other listed exercises. Here’s the details:

Dice #1: 10 reps; 20 reps; 30 reps; 30 seconds; 60 seconds; 90 seconds

Dice #2: LBC, SSH, Walking Lunges, Merkins, Wild Card = 5 Burpees


With little time to spare, we moseyed back the flag with a AYG on the last 50 yards.


We counted off 9 PAX and named our new FNG Badger. We took it easy on him after his high school mascot. But it was awfully tempting to name him War Eagle or Damn Good Dawg; being that he is sister loving Alabama fan. Why go to the bar when you can go down the hall? Sorry its getting close to football season and I’m a little bitter from last year.

Announcements consisted of:

  • Prayers for the Body’s father in law as he recovers from heart surgery. He is currently in ICU after getting 8 stints.
  • Prayers for our children as they return to school this week. It is our hope that they find friends that encourage them to challenge their abilities to learn and grow daily.
  • Coffeteria hosted at the Bethelview Starbucks.

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