Never Without a Q – Volume 2

AO: Rubicon

When: 07/24/2018

QIC: M.T. / Devito

PAX (): Tommy Boy (FNG), Frog (FNG), Devito, Moonshine, Swingline, Nacho, Catfish, Krueger, Turbine, Guppy, BoKNows, HaHa, Mayhem, Lowes, Lumberg, M.T.

It’s definitely more like volume 5 but 2 rhymes and it has been more than two years so that’s not too bad.  Our scheduled Q and main man Zima gets a pass as we all need one from time to time.  No worries, the FordMafia had it covered with a quick disclaimer, warm up sequence and Mosey while YHC figured out the plan.  With a few FNG’s, it seemed like a good idea to do something where we could all stay together.

The Thang:
Murpee Mile – it’s been a while so we took the loop off campus – 10 burps at the speedbumps, 10 mercans at the cross walks, plank for the six at the corners.  Once completed, we crossed the street and took the direct path to the FOD for some more mercans and flutters for the six.  At this point Devito (Fellow FordMafia brother) took over to work the legs.

Crabwalk to 1st, 20 squatjumps
Reverse Crabwalk to 2nd – 20 2 count lunges
Bearcrawl to 3rd – 20 squats
cheetah run home – 20 squats per leg using the side squat

On to FOD Hill for some partner Dora
100 pike push ups
200 Squats
300 LBC’s
**Partner did 2 laps up the hill before the switch each time.

Out of time and back to the flag for nameorama and FNG naming

Welcome to FNG’s Tommy Boy and Frog!

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