Slow Smoked Shoulders

AO: The Wreck

When: 07/20/2018


PAX (): Sellout, Switch, Sprocket, Ariel, Kegger, Rusty, Grease monkey, Double-D, Crab-legs, Circus, Squeegee, Bieber, Haggis, Hosen, TP

15 PAX showed up in the gloom to finish out the week for TP’s second ever Q.  Looking to raise the bar from his last QIC TP had something special in mind.

Warm ups

Bernie Sanders to the parking lot about the ball field, 20 SSH, 20 Windmills.

The Thang

Disguised as another Warm Up the QIC introduced the PAX to the Bat Wing (20 reps each).  Smiles turned to grimaces as the shoulders began to smolder.  Next the PAX moseyed to the football field to continue the smoking of the shoulders with Bear Crawl 1-2-3’s to the 35.

Marry for the six.

Next the PAX moved over to the brick wall for 2 rounds of Australian Mtn Climbers (15 reps) plan for the 6.

For the finale the PAX moseyed to the monkey bars for a double helping of the Morning Call.  On the repeat the QIC relented and switched the Merkins for Big Boys.

Moseyed to the Flag to finish out the beat down with Boats and Canoes led by the QIC and 15 Burpees courtesy of Haggis.

Paryer Requests:
Kegger, Neighbor in the hostpital, Sproket unspoken.

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