Manhole is my weatherman

AO: Shadow

When: 07/21/2018


PAX (): Manhole, Green bean & Stripper

I wake at 6:00am to the crash of thunder and a sky bright with lightening. I know F3 is an all-weather organization but what kind of fool would go out in a storm like this? I get dressed and turn on the TV to find that Dunwoody is part of a “Severe Thunderstorm Watch” area until 7:00am. I look at the radar and think there is no way we are launching today but feel compelled to go to the AO just to “warn off” anyone who shows up. I get to the school at 6:46 to find Manhole proudly planting the shovel flag and announcing it is a great morning to train, yes, it is a little wet, but man is it cool! I can now answer what kind of fool goes out in weather like this – this fool.

4 proud and maybe foolish men showed up today.

Here is the thang:

Under cover at Austin
2 X (21 x SSH, 21 x MTN Climber, 21 x jump knee tucks)
21 oyo merkins, 21 oyo p-squat, 21 oyo dips
Sky starting to clear so mosey to Nature Center.
21 oyo Merkins at first street, 21 p-squat at Nature Center entrance, 21 oyo plank jacks at bottom
Mosey to hut – 21 oyo dips
Mosey back to bottom but return to hut upon hearing thunder
2 sets (11 x Merkins, 11 x Y Squats, 11 x Stn Mtn, 11 x 8 ct BB, 11 x P-squat, 11 x derkins, 11 x Step ups)
Mary – 11 x ABC, 21 x low flutter, 21 x hammer, 21 x leg lifts, 21 x scissor, 11 x box cutter
The worst seems to be over so mosey back to Nature Center hill
Jacobs Ladder 10/8/6/4/2 Burpee at the top
Mosey to street – 21 p squat
Mosey to school – 21 merkin
2 x (1 minute Wall sit 11 x merkin combo)

Manhole made the call that the storm had passed. I now have him on speed dial for weather updates.


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