Alpha Beer Ruck PRE-BLAST

Alpha PAX – the CSAUP Alpha Beer Ruck is on!

This Saturday, July 28th, the Hooch is hosting an Alpharetta Beer Ruck!  Beer Ruck tour is approximately 6.2 miles – all brothers and any weight ruck are welcome.  Come join us!

The Breweries:

  1. Currahee Brewing Company
  2. Abbey of the Holy Goats Brewery
  3. Variant Brewing
  4. Gate City Brewing Company

The Schedule:

  • Meet at Currahee Brewing Company at 4pm and leave vehicles there
  • We will work our way South stopping and sampling each local craft and finish at Gate City Brewery
  • Transportation has been arranged to take us from Gate City back to Currahee to pick up our cars
  • Estimated completion time is between 7:30pm-8pm
  • Link to Google Map:

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