Built Ford Tough

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 07/21/2018

QIC: Pellets

PAX (): Devito, Miller Time, Pellets

Jumped out the truck at 5:55 AM for the pre workout Ruck and within moments the storm came rolling in.  Few minutes into our Ruck we were greeted by a pack of coyotes in a squabble that sounded like we were rucking in Yellowstone.  By 6:20 the Magnificent Seven were soaking wet from the monsoon and ducking lightning on our way to the Gazebo.  We lost a couple of the Pax (smart ones) for safety concerns and after a workout led by Dosido we were back out on the ruck a few minutes later.  The last twenty minutes the chatter was mainly about survival methods against bear and coyote attacks.  Devito was the winner on how to survive a coyote attack which involved giving up your forearm to a bite and then flipping the coyote over and landing the chest cavity crush blow with knee.  This technique should be included in the F3 manual with our workouts taking place in the Gloom around wooded areas.  After the Ruck we were down to 3 Pax representing Team F-150.


  • Lightning Ruck

The Thang:

We kicked off the session with a “Merkin Mile” peppered with 3 Merkin Stations along the way.  Hitting the one mile trail loop we stopped at the pond for a Mucho Chesto and then off to the top of the Widowmaker for 50 Derkins with feet on the handrail.  Devito took the extra credit and declined off the top rail for some strong rotator cuff work.  The final stop along the Merkin Mile was another Mucho Chesto and then finish the mile at the stadium steps.

With only a 3 man PAX we broke down the planned Dora 123 into:

  • 50 box jumps
  • 100 step ups
  • 150 squats
  • At the halfway mark of each exercise we exited the stadium stage left and ran up the hill past the gazebo and back down to the bottom of the stadium.  Good leg work here and gave the chest and shoulders a break from the Merkin Mile.

After completing the Dora a quick mosey over to the rock pile for a coupon and out to the soccer field for Four Corners.  Starting at the first corner of the soccer field we did following exercises X 25:

  • Curls
  • Bent Over Rows
  • Skull Crushers
  • Merkins

The coupon joined the party at all 4 corners and we were having a good time so decided to hit a 5th corner to finish the drill.

With 12 minutes on the clock and out of planned exercises borrowed one Foghorn brought to the Widowmaker a few weeks ago.  Quick mosey down to the steps by the park entrance we hit calf raises with a 1 up increase at every step.  Not sure the exact count believe somewhere around 250 total calf raises that had YHC’s newborn colt calves screaming.

With two minutes remaining and 25 merkins to go to complete 300 on the day we kicked it into gear back to the flag and hammered out merkins at the buzzer.


Few words of prayer for my granddad and family in his final days.  Blessed to be a part of F3 and honor to lead great men for an hour.

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