Can You Spell G~L~A~D~I~A~T~O~R? Great, I knew you could!

AO: The Gladiator

When: 07/19/2018

QIC: Spandex

PAX (): Tebow, Laces, Delicious, Beauty, Moonshine, Smackdown, Puddle Jumper, Spandex


As Beauty and I were driving into the park at 5:15 this morning, Beauty says, “I have a feeling that there’s going to be a big turnout this morning.”  Well, only 8 PAX showed up for this morning’s beatdown.  No worries, we had all we needed for a great beatdown.  So, let’s get started!  We moseyed over to the parking lot towards the park entrance for a quick warmup.


  • SSH
  • Wind Mills
  • Imperial Walkers

After the warmup, the Pax moseyed back down the hill to the parking lot to the left of the Rec Center.  It was there where we saw Scar’s F3 flag posted with a large whiteboard leaning against it.  On the whiteboard was the word “Gladiator” spelled out vertically with 9 exercises defining our beatdown.

The Thang:

The Pax partnered up and awaited instructions.  While one partner performs the first exercise, the other partner runs to the end of the parking lot and back and then flapjack with your partner.  Each Pax will do the exercise and run twice.  After both partners complete the first exercise and run, Mary for the 6.  Repeat this process until all 9 exercises are completed.

  • G:  Groiners
  • L:  Low Country Crab
  • A:  Alternating Shoulder Taps with merkin
  • D:  Daft Punk – Around the world lunges
  • I:  Imperial Squat Walker – Squat then knee to opposite elbow
  • A:  Aiken Legs (Modified) Squats, Lunges, Split Jacks
  • T:  The Wolverine – (Big Boy Burpees) merkin left knee, merkin right knee, merkin stand up, overhead clap
  • O:  One-Armed Side Planks with Merkin, hold side plank for 5 sec
  • R:  Ranger Merkins

We were a little short on time, so the last two exercises were completed once instead of twice.

Mosey back to the flag.  Beauty led one last set of squats to get the final burn in the legs.


Please keep Laces’ father in your prayers as he battles pancreatic cancer.  Also, keep Dan Kaiser in your prayers as he battles intense headaches brought on by a bleeding brain.  He has been in the hospital for several days undergoing tests and treatment.

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