Partner Work and Stupid Swimming

AO: h0.0ch

When: 07/20/2018

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Boomer, Sunshine, Y2K, Jimbo, Sneakers, Scrooge

6 pax at Bushw0.0d for another dose of the daily red pill. Highlight was Sunshine driving right past the entrance, stopping, backing up, and pulling in like it was no big deal. Y2K posted which meant the pool was open. Here’s what happened.


Mosey up the hill and back down. Circle up for SSH, squats, hillbilly.

The Thang:

Mosey to soccer field. Partner up for burpee chaser around the field. Very grassy and still sucks. After several laps, halt at the basketball courts for Lazy Dora. 100 diamond merkins/plank, 200 pulse squats/air chair, 300 gas pumpers/6 inches. Mosey to the pool.

One lap warmup. Start at far end. Easy swim until at lifeguard chair then swim as fast as you can. Which is not very fast for YHC. Then hop out at far end. Bear crawl around the pool and repeat. Pax did 2 rounds of bear crawl, 2 rounds of lunge walk, and 2 rounds of duck walk. Short Mary and then one more lap. Done.



  • Beer Ruck is on! Next Saturday. Meet at Currahee Brewery. 25 S Main St
    Alpharetta at 4. 6 miles planned. Several brewery stops. Come join us!
  • YHC is ready for fall. No more swimming.

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