Where did my signs go?

AO: Big Creek

When: 07/19/2018

QIC: Clyde

PAX (): Whiz, Benny, Bartman, McDuff, Clyde

The Gloom wasn’t so gloomy this morning.  YHC woke up 10 min before the alarm, wide awake and ready to go.  The day could only go downhill from here.  However, as my brothers began rolling into the Big Creek, Ice Cube popped into my head, maybe today will be a good day.

Time to start.  Mosey to our normal intersection for warmup:

SSH X 12
Weed Pickers X 12
SunGods X 12

Time for some BOMBS over Kilimanjaro.  If you’ve ever been to Big Creek and had the privilege of climbing this mount. You are will know that Forsyth county does NOT want you parking on it.  If my memory served correctly there is a no parking sign every 100 feet, so my plan was to have Partner 1 begin with burpees at sign 1 and Partner 2 run up to Sign 6 then move one sign closer to sign 6 every letter of the BOMBS.

As I silently knock out burpees as partner 1 I thinks…….. man, where has my Partner 2 gone!  Eventually he returns and I begin my trek up the mountain.  About Half way up I realize something is off.  Half of the signs are missing!  Oh well to the top I go I need the running, and hopefully The rest of the PAX will be none the wiser.

Once the BOMBS had exploded we mosey back to our very own Crosstie guard rail to introduce the newer PAX to Raccoon Crawls.

Mosey back to flag.

With a little time to spare for Mary we attempt to let newer HIM’s take a crack at calling out a Mary….. maybe too soon, insert cadence below:


Freddie Mercury X 15
Box Cutters X 12
Rosalitta X 12


  • Glad to hear Benny’s medical scare was just a scare
  • Mention of #CSAUP Spartan Race in Oct. Half of Big Creek is already committed.
  • Talk of another 2nd F event for next week need to review because I through 7/26 at Cherry Street brewery out, but once I returned home I remembered I have a date with the Braves and Avett Brothers that night…..

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