Double Dragon

AO: The Wreck

When: 07/18/2018

QIC: Squeegee

PAX (): AFLAC, Polaroid, Virginia Slim, Rusty, Haggis, Hoosier, Fun Run, Turbine, Sprocket, Windex, TP, Mad Dog, Goat, Circus, Sell Out, Bieber, Bronco, Doogie, Digits(FNG), Hoozen(FNG)

21 PAX meet up for what was already a hot morning.  YHC was able to get his father to post this morning and was ready lead him for once.


Imperial Walkers x12
Weed Picker x 10
SSH x 12
Superman x 12

The Thang

Moseyed down the street and back to the pond.  At the bottom of the hill, we partnered up and one partner picked up a coupon from the rock pile.  One partner would run up to the top light post while the other partner did exercises.  Each partner had to complete a round of:

– Skull Crushers
– Overhead press
– Front Arm Raises

Once each partner completed each exercises we doubled the fun and did it again.  Completed some Mary as we waited on the six.  Once completed we put the coupons back and moseyed down to the football field parking lots.  Each PAX found a space on the curb and we did some clockwork merkins.

– Incline merkins on the curb x 10 then turn 90 degrees
– One arm on the curb and one down x 10
– Decline merkins x 10
– One arm on the curb and one down x 10

Again doubled the fun and did it one more time the opposite way.  After completing we did jump squats to wait on the six.  We then lined up on one side of the parking lot, spread out and then did:

– 20 donkey kicks
– 50% run half way across the parking lot and then full sprint to finish

Doubled the fun and repeated back to where we started.

Moseyed back to the flag and did a few rounds of Mary to close out the beat down.


– Round of name-o-rama for our two FNG’s Hoozen and Digits
– Reminder of change of venue for the Hogwallow run on Saturday.  Check Slack for details.

YHC is very grateful to have a father that has always been a great leader and role model.  Hopeful I can push myself so that I’ll be able to do a beat down at 68, love a family and wife the way he has done and always been a positive change on the community around him.


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