Sliding around

AO: Rubicon

When: 07/17/2018


PAX (): Locksmith, Zohan, Catfish, Special K, M.T.

It can’t be 5:30?  There’s only 5 pax here and this is the Rubicon where we never have less than 10 but average closer to 15.  Was it because YHC has the Q or just a perfect storm of vacations, fartsacking and other AO pull?

Anyway, a good day to bring out the plastic saucers and try them out on the turf.  After a warm up at the pool parking lot, we headed to the FOD where each pax grabbed two plastic saucers and started at home plate.  After putting our feet on them we did the following.

25 – 2 count Mountain climber sliders
Plate drag to First Base (legs stay straight, arms do all the work)
25 -2 count left leg / right leg out and backs
Inch worm to Second Base
25 – on your back, heels on plates, drag towards hips and lift up hips
Plate drag to Third
25 – 2 count plank position, hands on plates, Right arm out, left arm out
Inch worm to Home Base

Warm up lap around the Perimeter

Repeat plate cycle except 20 reps of each and all movement between bases was hands on plates sliding them in bear crawl fashion.

Next we circled up for a Mercan Time Bomb to 10

Finished with a round of 7’s on the hill (Burpee’s and BBS) with backwards run.  No time for MARY

Catfish back in the house!
Locksmith turning back into a “regular” with consistent posting.  Always amazing to have past regulars resurface and commit again.
Zohan also posting regularly and manning the two flags (one fell so looking for those burpee’s still)
Special K always there putting in the effort to stay strong!

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