The 1313

AO: The Wreck

When: 07/13/2018

QIC: Bronco

PAX (): Sellout, Maddog, Virginia Slim, Kegger, Bieber, Swamp Donkey, DD, Sprocket, Rusty, Thumper, 7-up, Circus, I-beam, TP, Cornhole, Aflac, Smackdown, Zima

A good group of 19 Pax showed up on the muggiest of Friday mornings to celebrate (?) Jason Voorhees, hockey masks and most importantly FRIDAY the 13th.

5:30 we mosey straight into the woods where our warm-up was running backwards up the steep hill and frontwards down the steep hill 13 times.

The Thang

From there the PAX were led to the football field where everyone chose a partner and the 1313 was awaiting.  13 different exercises at 101 reps each (yes that equals 1313).  Sprinting from one corner to another (which felt awkward after a few of the exercises) seemed to be the only break as here was the order:

  • Diamond Merkins x101
  • Wide Merkins x101
  • Stone Mountains x101
  • Merkins x101
  • Reverse Crunches x101
  • Dying Cockroaches x101
  • T-bombs x101
  • LBCs x101
  • Mountain Climbers x101
  • Monkey humpers x101
  • SSH x101 (EACH)
  • Squats x101
  • Dips x101

We mosey back to the flag for Mary (Dolly, Flutters, American Hammers) and the crowd was drenched (substituting one of DD’s favorite ways to describe).


  • Prayers with I-beam and Swamp Donkey for new and current jobs and positive thoughts coming your ways.
  • Reminder about Day of Service – please confirm you’ll be there if you haven’t already.

Coffeteria followed at Crazy Love where we got multiple history lessons from Slim about how he saw mountains literally form when he was younger (RESPECT) and continued our traditionof stinking up Roswell’s favorite coffee joint.

Bronco out.

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