Hills and Water

AO: The H0.0.ch...Bushw0.0d series

When: 07/13/2018

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Ripken, Jimbo, Scrooge, Boomer, Saint20, Sneakers

7 PAX piled on the Bushw0.0d bandwagon for a simple, but difficult 45 minutes.  The plan was to do interval training with rucks on the hill and then swim for 20 minutes, however, YHC sprinkled in some other stuff to keep it interesting.

We also had a special visitor, Ripken, from the Suncoast (Sarasota) region.  He came up here to escape the heat and humidity.   Kiddo is playing in a big baseball tournament here in the A.

Here’s what went down…

YHC put the word out to bring some weight, preferably a loaded Ruck.  Quick disclaimer then we rucked towards the big hill.  Up and down we went alternating between regular and double time at each street light.  Low mumblechatter here and there as to not wake sleeping sad clowns, but mostly b/c we couldn’t breathe.  This went on for about 20 minutes.  Mufasa would have been proud of our Ruck pace.  Saint 20 noticed that no cars passed.  For those that haven’t experienced it…this hill rivals the Widow Maker.

Collected the six and head back towards the pool, but stopped in the parking lot for some squats, split squats, tempo merkins, and weighted glute bridges.

At 6 we hit the pool for 12 minutes of pool interval work.  2 minute rounds to get in a 50 yard free, then active recovery.

5 MOM- round robin style.  More mumblechatter/laughter due to the sounds coming from our backs on weight pavement.  I’m surrounded by juveniles…that I love dearly…I was laughing too.

COT- prayers for sneakers, travel, health, and connecting with family.

There is a picture of the aftermath on someone’s phone.

Honored to lead…time for YHC to beach it.


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