I saw a Montross Ghost!


When: 07/12/2018

QIC: Leon

PAX (): Leon, Fireballs, Cash Box, Rambo, Switch, Madoff, Proton (F3 Knoxville), Manhole......no wait he wasn't there....fartsacker

Ok, today was my “actual” day to Q and 7 men decided to see what Leon had in store.  The morning was especially muggy.  I felt the steamy heat trapped in the garage and upon opening it to leave, felt no relief from the outside air…..uh oh this is going to suck!

The Pax cars were scattered due to the modules, but we all converged at the lamppost and welcome our F3 brother from Knoxville, Proton, a Nuclear Oncologist in town for a intellectual conclave.  You could tell Proton was geared up and ready to go, almost as if he jolted himself with the Nuclear radioactivity beforehand to get himself up and ready.

…But wait, what’s this decending upon the Pax?  Is it a ghost or could it be the real thang…..Yes it is! A Montross sighting!  He came by to greet us all and then peeled off to begin a slow recovery run on the track to get back to where he wants and needs to be.  Take it slow brother, we want you back 100%!!

With that “el Thang:”

Line up on the curb:  30 yards up and back:  High Knees, Butt Kickers, Side Shuffles, Warrior Lunges (embrace the stretch), Toy Soldiers, Backwards run

Circle up around the Lot Lamp:

  • IC x 15: SSH, LS Squats, Run Stand Switch, Windmills, Mary Katherine’s
  • IC x 10: SSH, LQ Squats (quick), Run Stand Switch, Windmills, Mary Katherine’s

Mosey to SE corner of Lot, where YHC picked up is “weinke cards” and flashlight and followed the stone trail along the baseball field to the track.  Pax assembled on the rubber platform of pain for the following:

8 exercises “continuous,” while one of the PAX runs a lap around the track, switch exercise and next Pax takes off.  Here there are:

  • Bear Crawls (10 fwrd/10 back) (repeat);
  • Real Prisoner Squats (knees on ground)-we did this on the grass;
  • LBCs IC x 15 roll into Merkins 15 oyo then back to LBC’s, (repeat);
  • Superman/Banana 20 count each (repeat);
  • SSH IC x 15, then down for 15 Burpees (repeat);
  • Mason Twist IC x 20 down for Heels to Heaven IC x 20 (repeat);
  • Mtn Climbers IC x 20, then stay down for Carolina Dry Dock/Stone Mtns IC x20 (repeat);
  • Planks Jacks IC x 20 roll over into Low Flutter IC x 20.

Q saw fit to repeat this 1 more time…on the 2nd set we curbed the reps down a “just a wee bit.”

Mosey to Brick Garden for 3 set of Step Ups and Dips IC x 8

Run up stairs with hands held high and finsh at Lot Lamp.

COT.  Proton’s Pax is quite the spectacle. 3-4 AO’s in Knoxville with anywhere from 40-60 PAx per post.  Very impressive!

Rambo tooks us out.

Seles is back on Sat, so hydrate starting now if you know whats good for you……

PS:  Q forgot his Weinke cards and flashlight at DHS and returned an hour later to find the DHS Football team getting ready to workout….I did not envy them given the heat and sun not beating down on the pavement!


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