Two Birthdays and Three Amigos

AO: The Wreck

When: 07/11/2018

QIC: Grease Monkey & Zima

PAX (): Sparky, Switch, Squeegee, Zima, No-Seeum, Hooiser, Miller Time, Bronco, Blue, Patch, Smack Down, Double D, Rusty, Polaroid, Swamp Donkey, Circus, Sprocket, Rooney, Doogie, Turbine, Crab Legs, Virginia Slim, Grease Monkey

Weeks ago YHC had plans to treat the birthday Q like other aspects of my birthday and really not spend too much thought on it. A simple “Murph” would have been the path of least resistance – until someone had to start this birthday Q restrictor plate tradition. Immediate change of plans. Time to think of something a bit more suitable for added weight with very little mosey involved. And with a joint b-day co-Q ,more chance for collaboration.

As per the usual the Sweat Wagon was the first to arrive on the scene. YHC was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the birthday “gift”. And knowing Sprocket’s prankster spirit I fully assumed he had conspired with Mad Dog or I-Beam to have a pair of vests waiting for the birthday boys (well, maybe not I-Beam given recent post frequency; but Mad Dog for sure). To my surprise only one vest shows up and with some slight joking resistance ,it lands squarely on Zima. Wasn’t expecting this but I knew it was coming my way sooner or later.

At 0530 we moseyed up to the parking lot for some tag-team warmups: SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Windmills, Weed/Cotton Pickers, and Mountain Climbers. Then we headed for the football field (Miller Time was going there regardless of the plan).

The Thang

It seems there’s always something new to try in the old exercise database and some recent searching found one that had me wondering – how easy/difficult could this be: The Three Amigos. So we had to try it. The plan was to team up in 3s for a modified 4-corners. The teams Three Amigo walk to the first corner (three men in air chairs leaning on one another attempting to walk in said direction). I don’t know how tough it was with three, but since we were one short, the Dos Amigos seemed a bit awkward and a lot of man butt-rubbing involved. (Sure to become a Rusty favorite). At corner 1 each member of the team does 46 reps of merkins, squats or big boy situps. Bear crawl to corner 2 and rotate exercise. Three Amigos to corner 3, rotate exercise. Crab walk to corner 4 and team does 46 total burpees. Offers were made for restrictor plate swapping halfway, but Zima powered through. Now it was my turn.

Zima led us over to the bleachers. I followed with my new gift. There we did bleacher suicides: dips at the bottom, derkins at the top in descending counts of 12/10/8/6/4/2 (happens to equal the age of the other Q). While this thoroughly sucked with a vest on, I believe Zima got the worst end of the deal.

From here we moseyed over to the rock pile, which is where things/direction got a little fuzzy. But basically rocks were picked up and we did something with them in our 3-man teams while others were doing burpees. I think 88 reps of something were to be done (total age of Qs).

With time running out we moseyed back to the flag; YHC proudly taking position with the 6 as someone exclaimed – view’s a little different back here, huh? All I know is it wasn’t Blue cause he doesn’t converse while moseying. With a couple rounds of Mary time expired, and I could finally get this damn flak jacket off.

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