Coupon Time

AO: The Wreck

When: 07/09/2018

QIC: Virginia Slim

PAX (): Sell-Out, Jackalope, Swamp Donkey, Kegger, Mad Dog, Doogie, DD, Rusty, Grease Monkey, Poloroid, Cornhole, Rooney, Pegs, Bieber, Sprocket, Turbine, Devito, Smackdown, Bronco, Squeegee, Hat Trick, Virginia Slim.

22 converged on the wreck beatdown for a higher than expected Mosey with coupons in tow.

We started the morning with 20 SSH.  Went right after it grabbing the cinders and Cusaking around the ballfield  with 20 high knees on the way to the jungle gym.  Dropped on the way for 10 merkins on the Cindy then up and Cusak to the playground.

Pick a partner and do as follows: Partner 1 does merkins on his Cindy while the other does 10 pull-ups. Then switch. Each partner does what they can in merkins while the count for pull-ups is 10-8-6-4-2.

The we Cusak to the Hill. Partner up to the person on your right.  Partner 1 does as many squats as they can while partner 2 runs up the hill backwards and returns to switch.  Originally 3 sets but audibled for 2 because Q had enough!

Long Cusak to the football field where we partnered again for the 20s.

1 partner fireman carried both cinders to the 20 and sprinted back while the other did as many merkins as they could until the return of partner 2. Then partner 2 would then go gab the cinders and carry to the 40 and sprint back while 1 did as many merkins as possible. Continued this until the cinders reached the opposite goal line. Then we switched to big boy sit-ups and returned the cinders in the same order as before –  20 yards at a time.  Rinse and repeat with Squats and LBCs.

If this wasn’t enough, several guys were planking and waiting while others were doing Burpees with the cinder.

We then did a 10 count of jump squats over the cinder and back.  Once complete we did the final Cusak to the parking lot where we placed the cinder on the ground and pushed it to the other curb.

G monkey led us back to the flag (or at least the first 50 yards of it) for a short Mary while the 6 came in.

Silent prayers for sprocket and his family.

Saturday volunteer work will be posted on slack.  Look for updates.

Slim out!

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