Morning of Count Downs

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 07/07/2018

QIC: Devito

PAX (): Zohan, Flo, Lowes, Ha-ha, Whiz, Devito

YHC had Q on both the ruck and BD this morning … and woke up with no plan what-so-ever. Nothing like a seat of the pants Q. Easy for the ruck. We looped through the park and next door neighborhood a few times with good chatter. Rucking through the park, ideas started forming.

6 posted for the beatdown. Mumble chatter was cautious. When Q doesn’t have a solid plan, no one wants to inspire a horribly painful idea. Chatter ideas that came out were introducing Whiz to the Widowmaker namesake, pull-ups and sweat angels.

We kicked off with a mosey down the trail to the intersection. There we circled up for IC SSH, mountain climbers, imperial walkers and copperhead squats. Warm up complete we headed to the base of the hill. Partner up for the first count down.  Partner A does a set of 25 merkins while partner B holds air chair. Switch and partner B does a set of 24. Continue switching off down to a set of 4. With all complete we sprinted back up the hill to the manhole and did 25 SSH. Then bear crawl to the top … YHC kinda regretted this idea about half way up.

Next came a mosey to the playground where we started with a set of IC flutter kicks. Then over to the playground for count down pull-ups. Partner up with one partner doing pull-ups and the other doing American hammers. Same concept as the merkins except sets of 15 down to 4. We headed over to the bathroom building and picked up a different partner. Partner A does BTTW while partner B bear crawls to the lamp post and runs back. Flap jack. Repeat 3 times. With all complete, a short run over to the rock pile. Count down sets of curls, crushers and shoulder presses, 15 to 5 only odd numbers. Laying our rocks back to rest, we ran over to the stadium area for count down sets of alternating step ups and monkey humpers, 16 to 4 only even numbers. Finally an Indian run around the field and out to the parking lot for sweat angels. Round robin Mary to finish out our time.


– Still locking for a few more for the Puerto Rico rebuild trip in August. Contact Ha-ha for info.

– Always good to lead this strong group of guys. It’s an honor to be sure.

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