US & A! Happy 242nd Birthday ‘merica


When: 07/04/2018

QIC: Leon

PAX (): Leon, Chopper, Rambo, Stripper, Manhole

5 Patriotic F3 men joined up for this ‘bonus” 48 min (24 x 2, get it) beat-down on a very steamy July 4th morning. The Pax wasn’t disappointed as our military’s finest F15 provided a F3 flyby, just before 7 am, over the Dunwoody Baseball field, nor more than 1500 ft above the surface.  Must have been getting ready for the Peachtree Road Race, but gave the Pax a treat as well. I’m sure the fartsackers, in town, heard the rumble around 6:55.

With that, Here’s the Thang:

Line up on curb for 2 sets of:  High Knees, Butt Kickers, Karaokes, Warrior Lunges.

Circle up around the Lot Light for 2 sets of 4 exercises: SSH x 24 IC, Mountain Climbers x 20 IC, 12 single count Merkins oyo, Windmills x 16 IC,

Mosey to flag, pick up and distributed smaller ‘merican flags to each of the Pax then head out to Vermack road.  Cherokee Run up to Mt. Vernon, with 4/8 Count Body Builders off the back.  Great job, Pax!

Rambo 4th of July factoid #1: John Hancock only founding father to sign the Dec. of Independence on the actually 4th of July.

Mt. Vernon was already buzzing in anticipation of the parade, so we push through and mosey’d across to the St. Luke’s lot for some Mary:

Low Dolly x 24 IC, Heals to Heaven x 20 IC, Dying Cockroach x 16 IC, American Hammer x 12 IC, Low Flutter x 24 IC, Obliques x 12 each side IC, ABCs x 12 IC, LBC,s x 12 IC

Pax kept their flags from hitting the ground.  Well done.

Rambo 4th of July factoid #2: Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on the same day.

Mosey to Mt. Vernon and Cherokee Run back down to DHS with 4 Low Slow Squats off back.

Plant your flag and head down to Pit of Pain.  Choose a rock.

#1 Shifting merkins (left hand on rock) push up shift over to right hand push up.  6 on each hand for a total of 12.  Move to your left. #2 Skull crushers x 16 IC, move to your left, #3 Lift High and place 10 each side, move to your left, #4 Squat thrusts x 12, move to your left, #5 Arm Curls x 16 IC.  Dump Rock.

2 sets of 16 Steps ups and Dips IC.  Stair jumps to the top. Grab flag and mosey to front entrance railing for some tricep push ups x 16 IC and inverted pulls ups 10 oyo.

Mosey to side wall for 1 minute wall sit and then to lot for 1 50-75-100 sprint to end of lot.

COT around the Lot Light.  Rambo is going to be a granddad!  Just found out on Father’s Day!  Congrats!

Chopper took us out nicely!

Seles Thursday at DHS and Manhole Sat at Austin

Happy 4th to all and safe travels back home to our F3 out-of towners!

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