How’d y’all miss the burpees

AO: The Rubicon

When: 07/05/2018

QIC: Turbine

PAX (): Nacho, Devito, Kruger, Zohan, Jackalope, Harbaugh, Bayside, Haha, Turbine

With the excitement of America’s 242nd birthday barely worn off, 9 PAX arrived in the gloom to further men’s leadership in our community.

We took a nice circuitous route towards the gymnasium before U-turning and making our way to the Field of Dreams. There was some mubblechatter during the mozy about the PAX almost being fooled into stopping at familiar stops, such as the often used warm-up spot around the flag pole.


  • 15 x Side Straddle Hop (in cadence)
  • Annie (wax on and wax off in the plank position)
  • 10 x Hand Clap Prison Cell Merkin Burpee (on your own)

The Thang

Interesting, but not unexpected fact – firefighters get the most call outs on Independence Day of any day of the year. So, in honor of those that help us stay safe, we got in three rounds of ALARMS (Arms, Legs, Abs, R-Exercise, Merkins). Each set consisted of 40 reps of each exercise followed by a lap around the inside of the ball field fence. All exercises we jotted down on a white board Weinke for reference.

Alarm 1

  • Shoulder press
  • Lunge (single-count)
  • LBC
  • Rockette Dips
  • Merkins

Alarm 2

  • Shoulder taps (single-count)
  • Squat jumps
  • Peter parkers (single-count)
  • Ranger merkins (get those hands positioned back near the bottom of the rib cage)
  • Makhtar N’Diayes

Alarm 3

  • Burpees – when the PAX finished the lap around the field after the previous set and saw burpee jumping off the whiteboard, there were several accusations that the QIC had erased a previous exercise and snuck in some extra fun; there is too much love from YHC for the brothers at the Rubicon to pull a dastardly act like that….burpees were in the plan from the get go
  • Single leg romanian deadlifts (single-count; if it burns your hamstrings, then you’re doing them right)
  • Mountain climbers (single-count)
  • Rockette hillbillies (single-count)
  • Pattycake merkins (with a partner; count each merkin)

One last lap around the field and it was back to the flag for a few minutes of Mary including:

  • Crunchy frogs
  • American hammers
  • Merkins
  • Box cutters


The odds are good and the goods are great…enter to win a Yeti cooler where proceeds benefit a mission trip that Haha is organizing to Puerto Rico through H.O.I. See details on purchasing tickets here:

3rd F event with Homestretch on July 14th from 9 am – 1 pm. Reach out to Squeegee for more details.

Thanks for letting YHC Q. It is always an honor leading such a great group of HIMs.



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