Cosmic Bandito VQ Does ‘Merica Proud

AO: Caney Creek

When: 07/04/2018

QIC: Cosmic Bandito

PAX (): Cosmic Bandito, Biscuit Barn, Nacho Libre, Madoff, Mulligan, TO, Greenhouse

Seven Pax skipped the Peachtree and the Fartsack to come honor America at 7am for a Cosmic Bandito beatdown at historic Caney Creek National Park.  OK, it maybe Caney is only a Fulton County preserve at the moment, but little by little the accumulation of historic  beatdowns and fitness baddassery will soon be noticed by Secretary Ryan Zinke.

The Pax were all circled up shortly before go-time and waited just a bit for one to emerge from the facilities.  The 7am start time seemed to conflict with regularly scheduled maintenance.  Just in time all Pax were accounted for and warm up began.

Warm Up

Cosmic Bandito called a Snake Run to warm up and off he went.  Only a 20 something can pull something like that for a warm up.  Two laps around the track at a pace that the Kenyans on Peachtree today would have struggled to keep up with.  YHC huffed and puffed to keep up with the Young Guns from NLB and somehow survived.


The Thang

Although this was a VQ for Cosmic Bandito, he did not show it.  While many a Pax before him on their VQ stumbled a bit (YHC notably so),  CB remembered his fundamentals would carry him through.  He called for a Dora.

  • 300 ‘Mercins
  • 300 Squats
  • 300 Big Boys

Partner ran the stairs to the top of the hill and back and relieved.  Nobody could remember doing 300 Mercins in a Dora before but it seemed like the right thing to do because ‘Merica.

Plank and Mary for the Six.  Flutter Kicks, Merkins, Burpees, Box Cutters and J-Lo’s.

With the Six in our Q guided over to the pavilion for a little leg work.  20 step ups each leg brought us to the COT.


Cosmic Bandito and Madoff are changing jobs and moving into Marketing at NLB.  Best of luck to them as they take on a new challenge and will no doubt crush it in their new roles.  YHC is truly grateful for this group who always brings 110% and pushes him harder each time.

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