Initiation to the Grateful Dead

AO: Shadow

When: 07/03/2018

QIC: Seles

PAX (): Switch, Chopper, Fizz, Fist Founder, Seles

With a smaller crowd during this holiday week, Seles decided to spice it up by Qing at Dunwoody High School – twice!!  This first Q allowed an initiation of some of the PAX at DHS who had never experienced the infamous Grateful Dead!

The Thang

16 Side Straddle Hops, 16 Low, Slow Squats, 16 Peter Parkers, 16 LBCs, 16 Imperial Walkers, 16 Standing Warrior Lunges, 16 Mountain Climbers, 16 Dying Cockroaches i.c.

4 Corners: Deconstructed Burpees – Corner 1 – 4 Burpees, Corner 2 – 4 Burpees and 8 merkins, Corner 3 – 4 Burpees, 8 merkins, 12 Squat thrusts, Corner 4 – 4 Burpees, 8 merkins, 12 Squat thrusts, 16 squats then repeat Corner 4 and go back down to Corner 1 with same sequence.

Mosey to Seles stop: Heels-to-heaven Tabata – 20 sec exer, 10 sec rest 8X

Mosey to Flag pole near track (YHC had a mile of 50s planned on the track but the 4 corners took longer than expected) for the Grateful Dead:  since it was new to all but Fizz here are the details: Plank (5 sec), Right Arm up (5 sec), Plank (5 sec), Left Arm Up (5 sec), Plank (5 sec), Right Leg up (5 sec), Plank (5 sec), Left leg up (5 sec) Plank (5 sec), 5 merkins then rotate 360 degrees; repeat plank sequence but then 5 werkins with rotation; repeat plan sequence again with 5 diamond merkins with rotation then recover.

Mosey to Seles stop for an Advanced Boat Canoe Tabata

Mosey back to start for several sets of Suicide sprints until time.

COT (Fist Founder took us out. reminder of 4th workout tomorrow at 7 am at DHS)

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