Making It Up As I Go

AO: The Rubicon

When: 06/28/2018

QIC: Zima

PAX (): Miller Time, Pitstop, Aflac, Cookie, Mayhem, Virginia Slim, Nacho Libre, Bayside, Jackalope, DD, Swingline, Lumberg, Devito, Lowes, Krueger, Zima

As 0530 approached 16 PAX were ready for whatever I had in store…..which by the way I had no clue what exactly was in store for us today.  Always great to see “The Wreck Boys” join us at the Rubicon.  Even though they have coined the term “Wrekicon” for when they visit The Rubicon,  I like the sound of “The Wreck Boys”… reminds me of the “The Duke Boys” from a T.V. show a looooong time ago that some fondly remember.  MT, Aflac, Slim, and I’m sure a few others remember growing up with The Dukes of Hazzard.

After my disclaimer it was time for Mosey to the east side of the park for the warm-o-rama.


SSH, Hillbilly, Weed-picker and Mountain Climbers got us started.  After the warmup back to a mosey to the eastern most side of the park – to the wall by the “dog park”

The Thang

Once at the wall PAX partnered up for a 3 rounds of Balls-to-the-walls/exercise flapjack.  (We did a last man standing BTW at The Wreck Wednesday and for some reason I didn’t get enough!)

Round 1: Partner 1 assumed BTW, while Partner 2 did 10 burpees.  Flapjack.  Round  2: Partner 1 assumed BTW, while Partner 2 did 20 squats.  Flapjack.  Round  3: Partner 1 assumed BTW, while Partner 2 did 30 Wide Grip Merkins.  Flapjack.

Next it was a real quick mosey to the little oval track for some Catch Me If You Can.  Partner 1 started with 5 burpees while Partner 2 ran backwards on the track.  Once Partner 1 finished their burpees, they had to catch up to Partner 2.  Then Parter 1 started running backwards while Parter 2 did their 5 burpees.  Once around the track once, it was time for second lap this with 10 burpees. Once finished, it was time for lunge walk the length of the infield of the track.   Then a mosey to the planters.

The Thang II

Once at the planters it was time for a couple rounds of exercises.

Round 1: 10 Dry Dock Derkins as I call them (Dry Docks with your feet on top of planters) 10 Box Jumps, 10 One Leg squats, (10 each leg)

Round 2: 15 Dry Dock Derkins, 20 Step-Ups, (Each Leg) and I just blanked on what the last exercise was Doh!

Once done, it was time for a mosey to the rock pile.  We grabbed a good size rock and went over to Hill of Dreams for Simple 7’s.  At the bottom, bent over rows starting with 1 then up the hill for 6 big boys.  You were done when you reached 6 big boys and 1 bent over row.  Following that was 1 Indian Run around the field of dreams before returning our coupons.  Finally, a mosey to the pavilion for 2 rounds of partner dips.  Parter 1 assumed plank position while parter 2 did 15 dips.  Flapjack for 2 rounds – then back to the Flag for one round of Mary.


Any PAX running in the Peachtree interested in running together, let’s figure out how we can do that.  If you’re not running the Peachtree, come out to The Wreck for an AFLAC 4th of July hour long tour of Roswell.  Safe travels to all going out of town for the 4th of July holiday.

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