Fridays Be Like Easy Peasy

AO: The Wreck

When: 06/29/2018

QIC: Circus

PAX (): Haggis, Goat, Sellout, Sprocket, Swamp Donkey, Loopie, Grease Monkey, Thumper, Rooney, Squeegee, Mad Dog, TP, Cornhole, Double D, Bronco, AFLAC & SmackDown

The flag was planted at The Wreck at 0510 hours, so, YHC set out for a pre-WO mosey.

By 0530 hours, some 17 PAX showed up. Even though there were no FNGs, it was good to see some unfamiliar faces such as Haggis, Swamp Donkey and Loopie, presumably newcomers to YHC. And, we were off!

Warm Up

Mosey for about a quarter of mile to back of Johnson Community Center and circled up for the following exercises:

Toy Soldiers

Weed Pickers


Slow Merkins

Seeing that the PAX were ready to get down to business, YHC called for 2-man teams to form up for the next phase of the workout (something about a threesome was mentioned given an odd number of PAX, but, fortunately for everyone, that was all avoided).

The Thang

Mosey to the playground, and begin partner workout for a modified Dora 1-2-3 consisting of:

Partner A does the following exercises while Partner B runs around a 50 yard loop, then both partners switch roles for cumulative totals of

50 Pullups

100 Single leg Romanian deadlifts

150 Jump squats

Those teams that finished first were to hold in a plank position for the six. In fashion true to the purpose of an F3 workout, some of the PAX joined the final team in completing its rep’s of jump squats–No man, or team in this case, left behind. Nice!

Seeing how much the PAX enjoyed the Dora exercises, YHC lead the PAX on a mosey to the football field for a modified PT Pyramid (more like a ladder maybe).

Up the Pyramid we go:

From the goal line, bear crawl 10 yards into the field and do reps of 2 bear rolls, sit-ups and LBCs. Repeat and progressively increase rep’s of the same exercises to 4,6,8, and 10 while bear crawling 10 yards between each rep.

Upon reaching the 50 yard line, early finishers were instructed to plank for the six.

Down the Pyramid we go:  time to rinse-and-repeat the same exercises in reverse progression of reps (10,8,6,4,2) and crawl bear every 10 yards instead of bear crawling.

With time beginning to run short, YHC called for a mosey back to the start via the trail and didn’t even ask whomever arrived at the gazebo first to lead some Mary exercises while waiting for the 6 to arrive. Thank you whom ever stepped up! Exercises included Diamond Merkins (not sure how those fit the definition of Mary (core work), but, ok. Freddy Mercuries and American Hammers followed to finish up.


New location for Hogwallow’s “workout” [run] announced Leita Thompson Memorial Park 0700 start tomorrow morning.

Bronco looking to round up F3 members before/during Peachtree Road Race to represent F3 and run as a group.

All those PAX not running this year’s Peachtree RR are encouraged to sleep in a little in preparation for AFLAC’s 90 minute 4th of July celebration beat down.

About a dozen PAX for coffeeteria at CLC afterwards.


The best thing about an F3 WO is that it’s almost always different in terms of difficulty level, its mixture of cardio vs strength training, pacing (even with or without coupons), as well as the number and athleticism of the PAX, etc. In fact, even the weather is a factor. While today’s WO was admittedly not the toughest or most grueling, YHC felt energetic and ready for the day after the WO as he drove to work. Maybe it’s because YHC realizes the wisdom in an easy peasy WO and coffeteria every now and then. Have a great weekend.

Circus out!

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