Thank you Bruce!

AO: The Firehouse

When: 06/28/2018

QIC: Reuben

PAX (): Beans, Dash, Fudd, IKEA, Reuben

The thunder rolled and the lightening crashed early this am.  YHC wasn’t sure we could pull this Q off today, but sure enough the rain subsided as 5 PAX pulled into Firehouse.  Stay tuned, more rain was to come.

Mosey around the parking lot circle for warm-up:

  • SSH x 10 IC
  • Cotton picker x 10 IC
  • Imperial Walker x 10 IC
  • Alabama Ass Kickers x 10
  • Imperial Walker-IC- each leg

The Thang

Stayed in our circle for 3 sets of Burpos (like a burpee, but start in squat position to push-up and back to squat).  We did 3 sets(10/15/ and 20 reps.

Quick mosey around the circle parking lot to the  rock pile and grab a coupon.  3 excercises- skull crushers/cattle bell swings/and chest presses.  We did 3 sets of all three increasing reps by 5 after each set(10/15 and 20).

Now that we were feeling the burn, we headed to the soccer field and partnered up for a modified Dora.  From the line P1 does bear crawl 20 yards and back while P2 begins excercises (50 Burpees, 50 Star jumps, 50 LBC’s- we substituted lunges instead of bear crawl after Burpees were completed. Reconvened with BC beginning LBC’s.

By this time the rain was rolling in so we took cover under the pavilion for a little more pain and ab work.  YHC had used the dreaded Bruce Lee routine in prior Q’s, and once again, given the elements, this was the perfect opportunity to recall a memory of a prior beatdown. 6 excercises were performed at 20 reps each for 3 rounds. (Leg lifts, hammers, LBC’s, heel touches, crunchy frogs, V-ups).  A little mumblechatter after round 2, but all 5 PAX were accounted for with no merlot spilt and plenty of pain to go around. Thanks Bruce!

Not too much time for mary, but we concluded with leg stretches and ABC’s.

COT/prayer requests 

Reminder of 2nd F at Cheeky @ 0630.

Prayer requests for Dash and M dealing with sickness.

The Dukes family

Families we know dealing with cancer.

We adjourned with a top notch coffeteria by our very own Dash who supplied the sacred picnic basket-with 4 PAX to share in felllowship!


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