Running a muck

AO: The Gladiator

When: 06/28/2018

QIC: I-Beam

PAX (): Kegger, Delicious, Scar, Spandex, Trevor aka Laces, Puddle Jumper, Shrinkage, Viking, Tebow, Pellets, Postal, Moonshine

YHC got to the park early for a tour prior to the pax showing up. Needed a lay of the land, which ended up not helping to much.

Time was getting close and only a few pax to show for, but with only a couple minutes to spare the numbers took a jump to 13 pax with an FNG from an RNG. Word of mouth has now begun to grow the group.

YHC took the last minute for the disclaimer because no one wants to waste beatdown time with talk. Time hit and we moseyed!

We moseyed to the parking lot next to the pavilion with some always moving warmups.

Butt kicks across the parking lot with 20 SSH IC

High knees back with 20 Imperial Walkers IC

Karaoke across the parking lot with  20 Toy Soldiers IC

Karaoke back and maybe something else 20 count IC…

continuing the warmup under the pavilion with 15 double step ups on the tables with 15 dips. Plank for the 6. Rinse and repeat with 20 double step ups and 20 dips. Plank for the 6. YHC thought about continuing the count up, but was bored, so we moseyed.

Toward the soccer field with a pit stop at the outhouse. Balls to the wall for as long as you can hold it. When you fall, LBCs for the 6. Without some of the elite pax, YHC was able to hold everyone off, but FNG Laces was pushing it for a last place finish.

A short mosey to the soccer field for some I-Beam Lt Dans. 2 walking lunges to 1 squat. Making our way across the field, I believe we made it to 18 lunges to 9 squats. Either way it was brutal and we shook the feeling back in our legs with a sprint back cross the field.

After a quick 10 count we moseyed to the parking lot at the shovel flag for some four corners. Here is where YHC introduced the pax to a fan favorite across the nation, Monkey Humpers. The progression was 10 Merkins, 20 BBSUs, 30 Monkey Humpers, 40 JLos, always adding the previous movements to the next corner. Afterwards I realized I should have left Monkey Humpers for the 40 count so the pax could really admire the movement.

Flutter kicks for the 6 and we moseyed again. Back to the soccer field…  A muck, a muck, a muck!

YHC introduces another favorite, Jack Webb’s. Where the air feels as heavy as a truck. 1 Merkin to 4 shoulder presses. This is where most of the groans of appreciation began.

And we moseyed…. back to the far parking lot for some suicides. For time and the fact that I hate suicides, YHC called for every other line. The pax were pushing it here and I think Laces was holding back. Either he didn’t want to show me up or wanted me to keep track of the lines we were suppose to stop at… Either way he crushed it.

Planks for the 6 and we MOSEYED…

Back to the flag for some Mary. A couple exercises were called. A little of this and a little of that. Is this thing dragging on? Why didn’t I just do one big exercise that would take 20 words to describe and 45 minutes to complete?


Moonshine mentioned the convergences happening on July 4th.

Prayers for Laces’ father

Prayers for Spandex’s wife’s step dad

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