Full Moon Over Big Creek

AO: Big Creek

When: 06/28/2018

QIC: Clyde

PAX (): Wiz, Swiper, Olaf, Dumpster, Clyde

YHC was a little nervous when thunder woke me around 3am, but it didn’t keep me up for long… long just long enough to roll over in bed maybe.  Next thing I know the alarm is going off. A little earlier this morning for a little parking lot prep work. Quick stop in the garage on the way out the door to steal some 2.0 sidewalk chalk. 

We were lucky to have a dry beat down this morning, as I type this now the full moon is gone and the thunder is booming once again.  It was a beautiful full moon while it lasted.


Mosey to base of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Cotton Mill X 10
SSH X 15
Alabama Ass-Kickers  X  16

Mosey to parking lot where 15 individual stations have been set up:

45 sec AMRAP and rotate

1.  Overhead press – W/rock
2. Squats
3. LBC’s
4. Rows – W/rock
5. Curls – W/rock
6. Merkins
7. Skull crushers – W/rock
8. American hammers
9. Plank jacks
10. Carolina dry docks
11. Run
12. Mountain climbers
13. BBS – W/rock
14. Burpees
15. Monkey humpers

Mosey back to Flag for


Rosalita X 13


2nd F tonight at Cheeky in the Collection.  Official start time is 6:30, but several will be there early.

2.0 workout this Saturday at the Zoo, All are welcome at both!

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